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Think a Surfboard Bag is an Optional Accessory? Think Again!

So you just bought yourself a surfboard, and you're willing to do whatever it takes to keep it looking brand new. Have you ever noticed how many things between your house and the beach try to jump out at you and injure your surfboard? Walls, railings, elevators, and even cars seem to maneuver their way into you before you even make it the water! Surf board bags keep your stick looking good and water tight.

I mean hey, it's one thing to ding your surfboard in a major wipeout, or chip some paint because the force of the water in the barrel you are riding is just too intense. But most damage to surfboards happens in the transport from place to place. You bang it on a wall, leave it out in the sun, or drop it on the ground.

Padded surf board bags are a simple way to transport your surfboard to and from the beach and avoid all of these accidental bumps and bruises.

But it doesn't stop there.

Leaving your surfboard in the sun for an extended period of time (1-2 hours) can cause serious damage too. The reflective tarpee shell on our surf board bags will keep your board protected from harmful UV rays which not only melt your wax, but can also fade the color of the graphics on your board. If you plan to let your board sit for more than an hour between surf sessions, do yourself a favor and put it in one of our surfboard bags!

Epoxy resin surfboards are easily damaged by direct sunlight if left out (the resin can bubble). So don't be fooled! You may be tempted to save a few bucks and buy a "board sock." Board socks do not have this reflective technology so the surfboard is still susceptible to the heat. And don't forget, the board socks also don't have the padding that is so crucial for transporting your board.

So take it from us, if you want to keep your board new and ding free, get yourself a surfboard bag. It will be worth the money to keep your board looking great, and will help you stand out among other beat up boards if you ever choose to resell your board.

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