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"If Picking Out Your Next Surfboard Seems Confusing, Read This!"

It's one thing to provide great surfboards, it's a whole other thing to make sure that it's the right board for you.

So we wrote a guide to step-by-step help you "wade" through ALL the elements you need to consider when picking a surfboard... Whether you're a new surfer, someone who's been out of it for a while, or an old-timer catching up!

In this FREE 34 page guide you will Learn:

  • Why all surfboards are not created equal and the 4 elements your next surfboard MUST have.
  • A brain-dead simple way to pick the perfect surfboard every time.
  • Epoxy or Glass, which one to pick and why.surfboard guide pic
  • How not to get burnt if you're going to buy a used surfboard.
  • What type of surfboard you should get your grom (youth)!
  • 7 essential accessories that you can't leave home without (especially number 4).
  • Take your surfboard understanding to a new level with explanations of 5 different concaves, 4 fin setups, 2 nose shapes, and 3 tail shapes. Know what each does, which one you want in which surfing condition, and which ones you'll want on your next surfboard.
  • and so much more...

This guide covers everything you need to know whether you are brand new to surfing or a surfing legend... either way you absolutely must get a copy of our guide. It's 34 packed pages of real value totally for FREE.

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I respect your email privacy and promise to never share or rent your personal information to any third party.

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Surfboard Guide Reviews

"Ok... OK... I gotta tell ya... the best info on the net...
Just got the bug again after 40 yrs and your info on longboards, have convinced me. I have shopped a few local board shops and haven’t seen the board quality and price to match yours. The old 9’6’ Weber from ’63 hangin in the garage just aint gonna make it...
I’ll keep in touch."

- Mike Knight

"I absolutely loved the guide that you gave for download! It really helped me get my feet in the water in terms of finding out what I needed to know about what kind of board to choose. I love how you guys try to connect with all of your customers, and how your business was home grown! I will definitely be looking forward to purchasing with you guys in the near future! Thank you for all of the help and advise with the guide. Peace,"

- Rob Scott