Xcel Revolt 3/2 Wetsuit

  • Each wetsuit ordered is typically a 2 week timeframe, based on availability.

From the top shelf of Xcels wetties, the Revolt has all the bells and whistles, keeping you toasty season to season without breaking your bank. Xcel's newest top notch insulation, TDC, reflects your body heat back to you for an unmatched warmth to flexibility ratio where other wetsuits feel like a straight jacket. Look for plush TDC, Thermo Dry Cilliant, in the core and low pro TDC in the legs of the Revolt which will turn your winter suit into an eternal furnace, overcoming even the crispiest of dawn patrols. 

The Revolt also boasts key features like Xcel’s Quick Dry Fiber, Fusion Seam Technology, and Pressure Bonded Seams. Hang your suit in the shade and it's dry by round two! Impenetrable seams lock in the good and block out the bad.Comes standard with calf hide-a-key, drylock wristlets and anklets, and standard double coverage on the seams.

This wetsuit is the best bang for the buck if you want the rubber that's at the absolute forefront of wetsuit industry technology. 

Who's this for? The surfer who is not willing to compromise warmth, flexibility, light weight performance when its chilly and the session passes the 2 hr mark! The diehard.

    • X2 zipper with flush-free, layered neck liner
    • Magnetic zipper lock keeps you zipped up
    • TDC insulation in torso and legs for added heat without added weight
    • V Foam with ultrastretch neoprene, the lightest and most flexible wetsuit material.
    • Quick Dry Fiber. Hang it up and it's ready in an hour.
    • Hydrophobic lining prevents neoprene from immediately soaking up water
    • Drylock Wrist Seals create a bunch-free opening 
    • Nexskin ankle seals protect from leg flushes on feet-first bails/wipeouts
    • Fusion Seam Technology bonds the internal seem matrix and covers the blind-stitch
    • Pressure bonded seams for high range of motion in the lower extremities 
    • Industry standard Glued and blind stitched seams are the core bond of the seams
    • Flex grooves behind the knees create a natural bend in the wetsuit legging for flexibility
    • Calf hide-a-key for split second, lock and go when it's pumping!
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Category: Men

Type: Wetsuits

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