FCS GMB-5 Quad Fins

  • Overview

    Matt's quad set is all about elite criteria and is tested by the best. Speed, power and flow are the key elements of this "Mayhem" fin set. 4 fins, as opposed to thrusters, provide quicker acceleration and smoother rail to rail transitions while you're moving down the line with plenty of wall.

    Ideal Conditions

    These fins work in all scenarios but really shine when it's pumping!

    Board Types

    All shorter templates, high octane shortboards to classic fishes

    Fin Material

    Performance Core construction mimics the firm flex and quick response of fiberglass fins with the added bonus of featherweight build. The RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) construction yields a lightweight fin with snappy response, a sheen texture and clean look.

  • Fin Size

    LARGE (165lbs-200lbs)

    Fin Specs


    Base: 4.41 / 112mm
    Depth: 4.74" / 120mm
    Area: 15.26"² / 9847mm²
    Sweep: 32.9°
    Foil: Flat


    Base: 4.10" / 104mm
    Depth: 4.26" / 108mm
    Area: 12.64"² / 8158mm²
    Sweep: 32.4°
    Foil: 80/20

Category: Quad

Type: Fins

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