Degree 33 Carbon Fiber Paddle


Paddle boarding paddle. 100% carbon fiber paddle keeps the paddle ultra light while the ergonomically designed handle and oval shaft fit perfect in your hands and orients the paddle in your hand without having to look down at the blade. This is a great paddle that will get you into the sport without busting your budget. Paddle can be cut down to size to fit any size rider.

Features -

  • Surface area - 108 sq. in.
  • Blade width - 9.25"
  • Blade legnth - 17.5"
  • Weight - 25 - 29oz

How to size your paddle -

Paddle shafts are designed to be custom-cut for an exact fit. As a general guide, add 8 inches to surfer's height to determine paddle length. Some surfers prefer to use a paddle that is 1-2 inches shorter in the surf versus flat water.

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Type: SUP

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