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Captain Fin CF Quad Fins


Captain Fin used to carry the Andy Davis clad Pineapples which quickly became Robs go-to quad set. Bernard jumped on board. Then Captain turned the Pineapples into their flagship quad set. We ALL got another set! The longer rake and turned over trailing tip provide an extra flick of speed for long walls where speed is of the essence.

Throw them in on sandy beach pits and you'll have the speed to make the barrel! Try these in the Cloud, Karma, Jack, and Codfather.

  • Honeycomb RTM = medium flex
  • Fronts 4.69" length x 4.34" base = 16.2" area: flat foil
  • Rears 3.26" length x 3.58" base = 9.28" area: 80/20 foil
  • Flat Foil

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