6'10" Poacher Surfboard Blue Oside Abstract (Poly)

This board may be out of stock at the time of ordering. For boards that are sold out we would need to make one to order, please allow up to 8-10 weeks for delivery. Feel free to call or email before ordering to check stock.

  • 6’10" x 21 5/8" x 2 5/8"
  • Fiberglass Construction – Traditional in feel and flex
  • Designed by Bill Minard - Shaped and glassed in California
  • Custom nad painted artwork by Garrett Earnshaw
  • Polyurethane foam from US Blanks
  • Single concave to V concave to Double Concave
  • 3 fin (thruster) FCS fins sold separately
  • Round pin tail
  • Approx Volume: 43 Liters
  • Satin Acrylic Finish

Note:  Abstract boards are one of kind and may vary in color or pattern as each board is hand made individually.  Photo is representative of the abstract color and design  and may vary from the photo shown.

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