6'0" Karma Chameleon Fiberglass

• 6'0" x 20 1⁄2” x 2 3/4”
• For Intermediate to Advanced surfers that want versatility in good waves.
• You’ll want to ride this midway between your fish and shortboard length.
• Fiberglass Construction
• Completely Hand Shaped by Bill Minard here in San Diego (not just hand finished)
• Round tail
• Sleek yet forgiving outline.
• Single to light double/vee with medium rails lock the board on­rail when you need hold AND speed.
• 2 fin setup variations. Quad/Single or Tri/Quad ­ FCS fins sold separately
• Acrylic Finish
• Signature pin line color
• Fiberglass tail patch included.
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Board comes stock with 4oz x 4oz fiberglass cloth on deck, 4oz fiberglass cloth on bottom.

Different fin boxes (FCS II, Fusion, Futures), carbon hits, or other deck glassing reinforcements available on request.

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