Referral Program


Our unique referral program allows you to generate a solid income or earn a free surfboard, with little work by you. We have 2 sides to our referral program.

  1. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, website, etc. that deals in surf related information you will receive your own unique URL, banner ads, and sample emails you can send to your friends/list which will automatically track all sales you generate. Just post it on your website, newsletters, or emails to receive commissions on the purchases you refer.
  2. If you live locally and/or have a network of friends in the San Diego area, we also have a referral program that allows you to send someone to our shop location and earn FREE Surfboards and Gear. You don't even have to have a website to take advantage of this.

That's right all you have to do to earn a free surfboard, gear, or cash is tell others about us.

How cool is that?

So how many people do you have to refer to get a FREE surfboard?

For every surfboard customer you refer to us we will put $20 in your account. So if you refer 10 surfboard buyers to us we will give you $200 towards your next purchase. If you refer 20 surfboard buyers to us you will have $400 in your account... that's enough to buy almost ANY of our surfboards.

You'll also receive 10% on all other merchandise sold through Degree 33.

So start sending people our direction and get yourself a FREE surfboard from Degree 33.

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