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NexGen Epoxy Surfboard Sale 2018

For those that want more durability than fiberglass offers, but don’t like the stiffer feel of a standard epoxy surfboard, Nexgen takes the benefits of both epoxy and fiberglass while leaving behind most of the downfalls. Epoxy can lack a liveliness and often has a plastic-like look. Fiberglass can feel heavy and tends to ding easily.

Our Nexgen is an exclusive construction that we’re completely stoked on! It starts at the core of the board. We’ve hand shaped each of our Bill Minard designed surfboard models from premium EPS blanks that are light weight and durable. The magic is in the resin. Traditionally, epoxy boards have been painted because the resin isn’t pretty to look at. Nexgen epoxy resin is crystal clear with the board finishing out bright white, nearly indistinguishable from a fiberglass board. Watch the video.