Don't Quit on Day One...


Lifelong surfers reveal the 3 critical elements to surfboard selection, that when done right, will have you catching more waves, taking longer rides, and reducing your learning curve by 6 months.

Surfing is a sport with many variables, most of which are completely out of your control. Our step-by-step guide will help you with the one variable that is in your control... a board choice that will make you a better surfer and not frustrate you.

Here's just 3 of the things you'll learn-

  • Catch more waves by picking the choicest board for your wave, conditions, and skill level. Discover the in-and-outs of board design so that you can get the exact board your break requires.
  • A board for life, or a board for a season. Epoxy, Glass, or our exclusive NexGen... Which one to pick and why.
  • Turn your dud into a magic stick by changing one simple element of your board that doesn't require any shop modifications.

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