Purpose: The more compact surfer usually gets the raw deal when it comes to surfboard sizes. Most boards off the rack are geared for surfers 5'8 and 145 and up. What happens if you're shorter, or lighter than that? You have to know a shaper that can build you a custom board. We're cutting out that step, introducing the Biggy, our soon to be notorious compact performance shortboard for the lightweight adult or up and coming grom. The Biggie is a contest-ready shortboard geared for the experienced rider. Somewhat of a blend between the front end of the optimist, and the back end of the All-Terrain Vehicle, the Biggie is extremely well balanced for gripping and ripping. The moderate single to light double concave, thruster fin setup and modern rocker provide instant response to the surfer's most minute input. Meant to surf the same to 2 inches above your height, surf the Biggie in conditions that cater to your A-game and this board will perform like you need to win this heat!

Designed For: Intermediate to advanced surfer in fair to good conditions. This is a heat winner and the perfect board for lighter, shorter surfers and the competitive young up-and-comer.

Sweet Spot: Waist to 2 feet Overhead with its true identity revealed in chest to slightly overhead surf. Best in clean, steep open faces.

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