The "Analog"

analog longboard size chart


Purpose: Similar to the Ladle, we created the classic log for the traditional hotdogger that values the pinnacle of craftsmanship in a board that’s as equally beautiful under-foot as it is on the living room wall between summer sessions. The Analog is a living, working art piece. There was once a time when high-end glass jobs were standard, when roof racks were arms out the side windows, when 300yd point breaks had yet to be discovered, when leashes were for pets, and tacos and beers on the beach were legal as long as you shared with the lifeguards. The Analog’s roots reach deep into surfings Golden Era when surfing was a statement, not a hobby. Our classic log is exactly that, a statement of skill and craftsmanship and good ol’ American values. The Analog is more than a surfboard, it’s a way of life that’s stood the test of time and transcended generations of surfers past and yet to come.

Designed For: Intermediate to Advanced surfers that like the swing weight of sturdy glass who have efficient footwork, smooth style and the balance of a flamingo.

Sweet Spot: Shin to Chest high, with its true identity revealed in long point break peelers.