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9'4" Classic Longboard Surfboard Blue Chevron (Hybrid Epoxy Softtop)


Product Details:

  • 9'4" x 23 1/4" x 3 1/8" 
  • Hybrid Epoxy Softtop construction-a real surfboard with a soft deck! 
  • Perfect for beginner and advanced surfers alike!
  • No Wax necessary - Grippy foam top feels like a yoga mat on your feet
  • Fully shaped rail allows for performance surfing without the wax!
  • Durable and safe - No more rail dings, deck dings
  • Designed by Bill Minard, CNC Machined and hand finished
  • Classic low, continuous rocker
  • Belly contour to V out the tail
  • Wide square tail
  • Standard Satin Acrylic Finish
  • Script Logo
  • 50/50 rails
  • Approximate Volume: 79.6L

Construction: Soft Top Epoxy

A durable epoxy board that rides like your regular board but with a soft EVA foam skin on top. Safe for all ages and levels of surfer and perfect for the newer surfer. No wax required!


the classic longboard size chart


Purpose:  The Classic log is true to the original longboard designs of the 60's and 70's. Simple and stylish design for small wave surfing, we've built this log with modern materials to bring you a classic ride feel with tons of stability in a board that won't burn you out carrying it down to your break. Designed with smooth 50/50 rails and convex belly contouring through the bottom of the board for an easier transition from rail to rail than you'd traditionally find on a board this large. The Classic finds glide through very low rocker and a touch of added width throughout. A boxy, square tail pays homage to the original longboard tail design. A single fin box allows for lots of drive and noseriding when your ready for it. If you want to catch more waves than the crowd and paddle easier this is the board for you.

Designed For: Beginner to Advanced longboarders that prefer traditional designs in fair to good, peeling point or reef breaks.

Sweet Spot: Shin to head high, with its true identity revealed waist to chest high clean lines.

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