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Surfboard Fins

True Ames George Greenough 4a 9" Fin


George Greenough is often solely credited for launching the modern surf fin movement. He modeled his templates from the leading edge and swept-back rake of the dolphin fin, revolutionizing fin dynamics, firmly embedding Greenough's work into the DNA of modern surfing. The 4-A is the yard stick of performance longboarding, while earning its way into the mid-range and shorter length single fin favorite.

Try this solo in a 9ft Ultimate, 9'5 Analog, or 9'2 Ladle for tons of maneuverability and flow. Ask about smaller sizes for custom single fin applications.

*The Volan version of the 4-A is as good as it gets. The flex pattern is uniform throughout the fin, not just a flexible tip. Hand-made in Goleta, CA., this is the cream of the crop.

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