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modern retro shortboard size chart

When clean powerful surf is on tap you want Karma on your side

Purpose: Need a little extra luck in the lineup? Try the Karma Chameleon. This shapeshifter combines an array of key features to adapt to changing conditions. When it comes to good waves, bigger is not always better. We've chosen to render the “step-up” obsolete by packing more volume in a shorter board. The wider template is combined with tapered rails and tail for an easy paddle and precision control on steep drops. Two fin options cover a full range of applications. Choose the quad/single fin for speed and flow. Try the tri/quad convertible for a quick, aggressive attack. Go vertical or put some soul in your arch. The single to a shallow double concave with vee gets you rail to rail with ease. Relaxed rocker revs up your planing speed and wave catching ability.

Designed For: For the intermediate to advanced surfer wanting a compact, versatile shortboard with unique and versatile fin options.

Sweet Spot: It can handle clean, thigh-high runners to double overhead bombs by getting you in and on rail earlier than longer, narrower, high rocker-boards. It's sweet spot is in chest to 2ft overhead, clean, powerful waves.

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