The "Optimist" Pryme

The step-up shortboard for world class conditions. When you’re in WELL over your head and need a little extra board for heaving barrels.

Origins:  Wherever you are in the world, winter swells eventually begin to corduroy your horizon. In one night, your shortboard can go from the go-to, to obsolete as once-in-a-lifetime groundswell rushes in to create coral crushing, heart-in-your-throat waves that you really weren’t ready for. We kicked the foam dust around with in-house veteran shaper Bill Minard to paint a picture for the perfect winter step-up.

Purpose: The Optimist Pryme is designed to provide extremely high performance maneuverability when you show up to your surf trip destination and it’s SCARY good. We took our highest performance board, the Optimist, and stretched it out to handle the biggest swell of the year! Different from it’s smaller brother, the Optimist Pryme boasts a moderate single concave, thruster fin setup and aggressive rocker for BIG, steep, fast, hollow waves. The extra length serves to add paddle speed to your take-ff so you can get in earlier and make the drop while everybody else is going over the falls. 

Designed For: Advanced surfer in regional/world class, best-swell-of-the-year conditions. Wax this board up the night before and lay wide-eyed, awake all night, while the ocean thunders outside your boat bunk.

Sweet Spot: 2 Feet Overhead to Triple Overhead with its true identity revealed in 3ft overhead to double overhead surf. Best in clean, hollow, rifling waves.