The "Optimist"

standard shortboard size chart

The high performance board for when it’s head high and firing... don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Purpose: The Optimist is designed to provide extremely high performance maneuverability when conditions call for you’re A (frame) game. It’s, without a doubt, the most responsive board in our lineup geared to get you from your deep bottom turn, through an off the roof gouge, quicker than you can say wapaaah! The light single to light double concave, thruster fin setup and aggressive rocker give this shortboard an almost intimidating high performance feel. It carries less volume than your daily driver so that you can set your rail and take off deeper on the gnarliest bomb of the day.

Designed For: Intermediate to advanced surfer in conditions where you need your surfing to be as crispy as possible. Wax this board up before the sun comes up and the swell forecast has your toes tingling!

Sweet Spot: Chest to Double Overhead with its true identity revealed in head high to 3ft overhead surf. Best in clean, hollow, rifling waves.