t9 shortboard size chart

*These dimensions are suggestions. The T9 is fully customizable for a truly unique experience

The 2000-and-now shortboard. A perfect solution for imperfect conditions.

Purpose: More often than not, California produces consistent thigh to chest high waves. The T9 is designed to give you the upper hand on high performance surfing in these inconsistent conditions. Most shortboards lose their drive when swell drops below chest high, this makes performance surfing nearly impossible. The T9 squeezes a high performance shortboard into a more compact package. The slightly wider template combined with added volume provide unequaled speed through the flats and around sections so you’re never caught in a pinch. Medium nose rocker and aggressive tail rocker get this board vertical when similar boards catch rail in the lip.  The double bump squash tail is the icing on the cake. The added drive comes from more width under your front fins. Stepping down the tail width behind your back foot provides precision response, turning your drive-to-gouge combo into a seamless, blistering cloud of salty spray. The T9 is the unanimous specialist in everyday, playful conditions.

Designed For: Intermediate to advanced surfer

Sweet Spot: The T9 eats up punchy beach breaks for breakfast while giving you all the speed to wrap big carves and lip bashes at your favorite reef/point break. If it’s 3ft to 2 feet overhead, the T9 never skips a beat, but paddle out in 4-6 with long racy walls and you’ll literally find yourself moving faster and snapping harder than you thought your cajones could handle.