Perfecto Stoke Box (Grey Hat and Zip Up Hoodie)

Perfecto Box Includes:

Degree 33 grey with leather snapback hat Made from a blend of soft mesh with a leather logo, this hat is stylish to wear on your way to catch epic waves or around friends.

Degree 33 zip-up sweatshirt  Stay warm on those cool winter days with our blended hoodie or zip-up. Designed to be lightweight while also protecting against cold temperatures and strong wind.

Degree 33 Cup-to-Go  Water, Gatorade, an energy drink... or whatever you want. This durable cup will keep your liquid safe while you're on the go.

Degree 33 Coffee Mug Everybody needs a cool coffee mug, right? New ceramic mug with our script logo in classic gold printing.  Note this mug was added

Degree 33 towel  Large, soft towel perfect for your next trip to the beach.  Use the Degree 33 towel to dry yourself off after an epic session.

3 bars of organic Degree 33 wax Don't make pitstops for overpriced wax at your local shop. Instead, get 3 bars of wax to last you all season. Get organic wax delivered right to your doorstep.

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