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6'2" Bean Shortboard Surfboard (Poly)


  • 6'2" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8"
  • For our intermediate surfers looking for a fun, fast, small wave board.
  • You’ll want to surf this 4-8” shorter than your Standard Shortboard
  • Fiberglass Construction- Traditional in feel and flex
  • Completely Hand Shaped in California by Bill Minard (Not Just Hand Finished)
  • Wide Round Tail with Double Wing providing extra hold and stability
  • Low rocker and wide nose for extra paddle ability and greater speed
  • Single to deep double concave providing easy rail to rail transitions and more maneuverability
  • 4 Fin (Quad) FCS fins sold separately
  • Approximate Volume: 44.75 Liters
  • Satin Acrylic Finish

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