Traditional Fiberglass VS Epoxy VS NexGen... So Which is Better?

March 02, 2010

One of the biggest questions I get is what's the difference between epoxy, fiberglass, and this NexGen I've been hearing about? In this post I'm gonna go through what the pros and cons to all them are so you can hopefully make a better educated decision.

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Surfboards: Beginner to Advanced, What's the Right Board for Your Unique Situation

February 26, 2010

The surfing world is not like the clothing world… one size does not fit all, everybody is unique. Beginners need something different than what an advanced surfers needs. Here are some of the shapes and categories we have that you might… or might not, fit into.

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Simple Tips When Choosing Your First Surfboard

November 19, 2009

There are so many surfboards out there that it can be really hard figuring out the right one for yourself. Picking the right surfboard is a little more involved than admiring the graphics, color, style, or the fact that it looks just like the cool dude's down the street. There is no point buying a surfboard just like Kelly Slater's if you can't surf like him. Consider some of these simple tips when choosing your surfboard.

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Change the Fin Setup on Your Fish Surfboard... See What Happens

November 03, 2009

Changing the fins on a fish surfboard can dramatically change the feel and the performance of the board. The three most common types of fins for fish surfboards are twins, thrusters, and quads. Let's see which fin setup is best suited for your style and surfing requirements.

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Are Fish Surfboards Suitable for Beginner Surfers?

October 02, 2009

Can beginner surfers start on a fish surfboard? This is a very common question. For those of you out there contemplating the purchase of a fish surfboard either for yourself or someone who is still new to the sport, the answer is a resounding... "it depends". Let me explain...

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What’s a Fish Surfboard Anyway & Why Would I Want One of Those Funny Shapes?

September 16, 2009

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What is Surf Wax Used for and How do You Apply it?

September 08, 2009

Surfboard wax provides grip and traction for your feet on your surfboard. Surf wax also stops you from sliding off your board while paddling out to the waves. It is about essential to successful surfing as a surfboard and a decent wave. Of course, their are alternatives, but today we are talking about surf wax.

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Do I Really Need a Leash? And if so, what size?

August 24, 2009

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Surfboard Foam: It's What's Inside That Counts

August 19, 2009

When surfing first became popular as a sport 50 odd years ago, surfboards were made out of wood. These surfboards were extremely heavy, easily damaged, and difficult to repair. The surfboards of today are much lighter, float better, are easier to repair, and are capable of great maneuvers on the wave. What's made the huge difference?

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I'm a Beginner and Looking for a Surfboard. What do I get?

August 04, 2009

Getting a surfboard for beginners can be a confusing exercise. For those of you with more enthusiasm for surfing than experience, this can be an especially tricky exercise. Obviously there are a few requirements that your first surfboard will need to meet until you get a bit more practice.

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Surfboard concaves: Single, double, V, flat... what they are and how they change the feel

June 24, 2009

What are Surfboard Concaves? I can hear you thinking to yourself. Turn your surfboard over, or the one in the surf shop, and you may notice a smooth subtle contour, or contours, carved into the bottom of the board. These contours will run from the nose (the front of the surfboard) down towards the back end of the surfboard. These contours are called concaves and can vary dramatically in length.

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Surfboard Fin Setups: Single, Twin, Truster, Quad... what they are and how they change the feel.

June 15, 2009

The fin, or fins, underneath your surfboard are there to help with the steering of your board.  The fins will also assist with stopping the surfboard from sliding around on the wave. The further the fin goes down in the water, the more control you will have over the surfboard on the wave. The shorter the fin, the less resistance there will be on the water. The longer the distance of the fin where it is attached to the base of your surfboard, the faster you will be able to go.

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