Degree 33 Surfboards Open Demo Day

August 24, 2017 2 Comments

What: Degree 33 Surfboards Demo Day for our fans!
When: Saturday September 2nd, 2017.
Where: Powerhouse Park, Del Mar, CA.

Earlier this summer, we rounded up all of our surfboard demos and laid them out at George's in Cardiff, CA. We invited all of our surf buddies to see how many people would show up to surf everything we've got... friends of friends of friends started coming out of the woodworks. It was so successful, and such a fun experience, that we are going to do it again. However, our buddies are going to have to sit on the sidelines, it's your turn for the Degree 33 Surfboard Demo Day! 

Join the Degree 33 Demo Day Group here:

This event will be held in Del Mar at Powerhouse Park (next to Jakes Restaurant.) We'll have our full quiver lined up on the north end of the lawn and an Ez-Up for catching a breather between surfs. We firmly believe that the customer experience is greatly enhanced when you get a chance to ride it before you buy it. All of our demo boards are very lightly used with a couple of freshies mixed in for good measure. This is a great way to preview what's in our R&D arsenal or just get your bearings around our in-stock shapes. 

It's completely free, you're welcome to try any board we lay out. We love talking surfboards, so if you find something you'd like to fine-tune to your specs, we'll help you hone in your dimensions and start your order! 

So put it on your calendar, we'll see you then! 

To get demo day updates and for a list of current demo boards, join our public facebook group. If you'd like to come down for this event, it's posted within the FB group. This is also how we tally up how many people are joining us on demo day so that there are enough boards, coffee, and maple bars (chocolate glaze in my case) to go around! 

Join and attend the September 2nd D33 Demo Day HERE.

If you'd just like to join the group for now and check things out, click here.

Demo Board Lineup as of 8/24/17:

9'7 Wedge Noserider Fiberglass
9'6 Utimate Epoxy 
9' Ultimate Nexgen 
8'0 Ultimate Nexgen 

7'10 Over Easy Fiberglass 
7'4 Prototype Mini Ultimate 
7'2 Poacher Nexgen - Egg
7'0 Jack Nexgen 
6'6 Poacher Fiberglass 
6'6 Prototype Beginner Fish Fiberglass
6'0 Poacher Nexgen 

6'0 Prototype Mini Over Easy
5'10 Codfather Nexgen
5'9 Cloud Fiberglass
5'8 Prototype Groveler Twin Fiberglass
5'3 Prototype Compact Shortboard Fiberglass


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September 06, 2017

This was really fun. Thanks for doing this. Now I’m torn between the “Bean” and the “Bernie Bullet”!


September 03, 2017

This was a lot of fun,thanks for having it!

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