New Fins from Captain Fin - Which Is Right For Your D33 Board? (Part 2)

The second batch of the new Captain Fin lineup is here! (For my previous post, click here)

Like I've stated in my reviews before, swapping around fins is a great way to get different characteristics out of your board that you may have never realized you had.  The stock fins we supply you with work great, but your board should be as unique as you are.  Switching up your fin style whether its performance related, or even just for an artistic statement is something I find valuable in expressing yourself out in the water to the max. Let me walk you through some of the fins I've been checking out from the guys over at Captain Fin Co - and how they can apply to your D33 board to elevate your game. 

Slasher Chet 6.5"

Suggested Boards: Custom Poacher, Karma Chameleon, Ultimate 8' to 9'

We've had the Slasher Chet in our lineup for a bit now, and now CF has updated the artwork.  This is a great upgrade option for our Ultimates 8'6" and smaller ( I could see this looking super rad in the 8' Coral!), Karma Chameleon, or really any 2+1 Custom board we could cook up for you.  Really good for those tighter turns and agility that you are seeking on the mini-longboards and egg shapes.  You could even throw it into a larger longboard as a single fin and really channel your inner Larry Bertlemann and slide all over the place.


 Jeff McCallum 8.0 Fin

Suggested Boards: Ultimate, Ladle

Jeff McCallum came up with a new single fin template, and I really like how arced and stretched out this fin is in comparison to the other fins I've been examining.  From the looks on the video, the fin makes the board look springy, fast and alive.  Jeff explains the template, where he needed flex to liven up the board for long, drawn out turns and smoother rides and responsiveness. I would recommend this as a single fin option for all of our longboard models 8'6" and longer. Maybe Luc will let me borrow his since he just snagged this one for his fresh 9'3" Ultimate.


Chris Christenson 9.5 Tracker

Suggested Boards: Ultimate, Ladle

It's hard to determine how this will differ from the McCallum and Joel Tudor fins that I previously mentioned, but this fin is a little more straight up and down in height, and has a ton more rake.  It also has a wider base for slightly more drive and is thinned out for flex at the tip.  This would work as a great alternative fin for the Ladle or Log in any size, something that allows you to noseride a little bit as well as have some maneuverability.  I'll have to snag this and the McCallum and take a morning off to Cardiff to give them the field test.  I'll report back when I have results.


 Brothers Marshall 7.5"

Suggested Boards: Karma Chameleon, Custom Poacher

This fin was designed to surf smooth as silk, while still being able to have a lot of control on the nose. This fin comes in a variety of sizes all the way to 9", but I picked out the 7.5" for the Karma Chameleon and trying it in Hollys custom 2+1 Poacher.  This will loosen up the Karma as opposed to surfing it as a quad, and you will get a lot more down the line speed without the extra resistance in the tail.  This fin to me feels and looks a lot similar to Al Knosts signature fin from last year that Captain put out, being very responsive and fast for midlength single fin or 2+1.

CF 5-Fin


Suggested Boards:  Jack, T9, TriQuad Karma Chameleon, Poacher

I wrote in my previous post about the new standard template that Captain Fin now offers, and they have dropped a 5-Fin version that combines both the Thruster template along with the quad trailers that I love so much. You will generate a ton more speed, especially if you are still surfing on more flexible fins in your shortboard or midlength funboard.  If you're a shortboarder like me, or just enjoy the cruisey flow on the Poacher, this is the fin to grab when heading to the beach.

There you have it.  Grab yourself some fins and play around!





Rob Goodman
Rob Goodman


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