New Fins from Captain Fin - Which Is Right For Your D33 Board? (Part 1)

If you've been following our Facebook and Instagram accounts, you know that I have a personal love for Captain Fin Co.  I love the artistic individuality they emulate in everything they do, something that stands out in an industry thats ever changing every time you look away.  Style is timeless, and boy do the guys at CF have heaps of it.

We just received some of their new lineup at the shop, and I figured it would be a good idea to break down each fin and how it fits in with our line of boards.  If you are looking to spice things up in terms of your surfing, upgrading and swapping fins is a great cost-effective way to get a different feel out of your current board.  

 CF Series (Small, Medium, Large)

Suggested Boards: Poacher, T9, Jack, Optimist, Over Easy

The CF Series is the new standard template from Captain Fin meant to be ridden in a variety of conditions, for a variety of maneuvers.  Has a real good amount of drive and hold, while still allowing you to have that pivot and vertical attack up and down the face.  You will generate a ton more speed, especially if you are still surfing on more flexible fins.  If you're a shortboarder like me, or just enjoy the cruisey flow on the Poacher, this is the fin to grab when heading to the beach.

CF Quad (See CF Series Vid Above)

Suggested Boards: Cloud, T9, Codfather, Bean, Karma Chameleon, Jack.

This is my GO-TO, day in and day out fin template that I'm currently in love with and I don't care who knows it! I got these originally for my Karma Chameleon, but really fell in love with them with my Cloud and when riding the T9.  It has really good down the line hold and generates a ton of speed, and I like that the trailer fins are a little smaller.  It provides a good amount of mobility and feels great when wrapping back around to the whitewater. I'm daydreaming right now at my desk putting these in one of our 5'8" Codfathers (bring back the demo Garek!) and speeding down a huge left at my homebreak Pipes.  I'd recommend this template in every quad setup we offer.  You won't be disappointed.

Kassia Meador 7.5"

 Suggested Boards: Ultimate, Karma Chameleon, Custom 2+1 Poacher

If you're looking for a solid fin to go with your 8' to 9'6 Ultimate, have no fear!  This classic template with medium flex will help with smooth turns and transitions. The tye-dye print also gives you an extra dose of cool, free of charge.  This fin would work really well with our Ultimate setup as a 2+1 or as a single as well, to loosen up your longboard on the face of the wave.  If you're looking for something for the Ladle and like more mobility, Kassia also has a Pivot 8.5" version that would be great for our 9'2" or 9'7".  My other suggestion is that our Poacher comes standard as a thruster, but we can make it a single fin if we go custom.  The Kassia 7.5" is what i would suggest in any size of custom Poacher.

Mitch Abshere Heavy Psyche 10"

Suggested Boards: Ladle, Log

Mitch's new 10" Pivot fin is the call when it comes to putting your toes on the nose, and I would suggest this fin in any one of our Ladle's.  Meant to hold the tail down in the water as you creep yourself up to the nose and hang. The template has been updated from Mitch's previous pivot fin, shortening the base to allow you to open up and drive some turns. Plus, it has a unique glow to it, which has been clinically proven to radiate positive vibes in the lineup (no, it hasn't).


Mason Dyer Jetson 9.75"

 Suggested Boards: Ultimate (Single Fin) Ladle, Log

Man, this fin is something like I have never experienced!  I never grew up longboarding, I always went mid-length and then straight to shortboards, so living in San Diego has opened my eyes up to a lot of different longboards, and especially learning more about fins and what they can do in different sizes and setups.  The Jetson fin in collaboration with Mason Dyer is a blast from the past, meant to give you that real traditional logging feel.  It slows the board down (so much so that it surprised me on the first go, being a shortboarder who loves to pop up and get going), and really allows you to set a line and stay in the pocket without working too much.  Great for reefs like Cardiff, or point breaks that have a really predictable line to the wave like C Street or Rincon.

JJ Wessels Peanut 9.75"

 Suggested Boards: Ultimate, Ladle, Log

This pivot fin has a little more rake, allowing you to drive powerful turns while also giving you the ability to noseride.  This would be a great change of pace for those of you who are riding our Ultimate in a 2+1 setup.  Take out the sidebites and leave this one by her lonesome, and you'll be cruising down the line in style.  Heck, even go for a cheater five.  You could always pop this into a Ladle, giving you a little more mobility in turns compared to more up and down pivot fins.


All of the fins listed above you can find on our website in our Fins category.  You can always call the shop (858-693-3692) and ask me which fin might be right for your board and your style.


Stay tuned for part 2, when we receive the next batch of new fins from CF.  I'm all too stoked.




Rob Goodman
Rob Goodman


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