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D33 Demos: Ride our boards for free!

May 01, 2015

That's not a typo...

First off, it's been 2+ years in the making, your voices soundly heard, your wish finally granted! A minty fresh board awaits you, freshly waxed, leashed up, fins locked in, ready to ride.  We've chosen the most popular constructions and sizes for each model so you can really get a feel for your perfect board. Not only that, if you're particular about the teeth in your wave slaying beast, we've got our favorite fins ready to lock in and tear it up.

Here's the kicker...

Every dollar you spend testing our boards out, you can apply as credit towards your very own magic stick. We'll even let you take it out for a week and put that dough right back into your account.

There is a catch, you've got 30 days to pull the trigger on the offer before it's off the table. We're confident in saying you won't need half of that time to make a decision, but it's yours to make absolutely sure you know what you want.

Is the board you're demo'ing for the week just a hair long? Need a little more rocker? Did the swell pick up over night? Swing by and we'll let you trade up for a different board.

Another thing, you've got to be quick, we've received a ton of inquiries about the demo program since we mentioned in earlier in the week. In fact, our first demo went out the door already, for an entire week. The early bird gets the worm!

We're hoping to make this an extremely unique experience for you as there aren't many shops out there that demo their own boards before you buy. Our demo program teams up with the 33 Day Guarantee to create the easiest board selection process in the industry! Not only do you get to try it for free, once you come up with the dough, we'll give you an extra 33 days just to make sure it's your magic carpet. 

Check out the details below. You can find the same information on our website here.

Or, call us at 858 693 3692 between 11-4pm M-F, we'll give you the details and confirm that, yes, this is real, you're not dreaming.



    • $30/day
    • $150/week (2 free days)
    • $20/day
    • $100/week (2 free days)
    • Quad/Thruster: $5/day
    • Longboard Fins: $7/day


  • Boards cannot be reserved. First come first serve basis only.
  • Demo boards cannot be shipped. Local pickup only.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to demo/rent a board, or have your parent/guardian with you when you checkout
  • Multiple boards can be rented at once, with a maximum of 3 at one time. (Sorry, no discounts)
  • Every board checked out will include a board bag, leash, stock fins, and fresh wax applied. (Discounts will not be given if you have your own accessories)
  • No wetsuit rentals are available. We have wetsuits available for sale but only have select sizes. Plan accordingly.
  • 1 day demos need to be returned by end of day the following day or additional days will be billed to your credit card. *End of day is by 4pm at the shop.
  • If checking out a board on a Friday and returning on a Monday, you will be charged for 2 days (getting 1 day free since the shop is closed on weekends. During summer months when we are open on Saturdays, this would not apply. A Friday checkout for one day would require a Saturday return.



  • 10' Ultimate - Epoxy
  • 9' Ultimate - Epoxy
  • 8' Ultimate - NexGen
  • 9'7" Ladle - NexGen
  • 9'2" Ladle - Epoxy
  • 7' Jack - Epoxy
  • 6'4" Jack - NexGen
  • 6'10" Poacher - Epoxy
  • 5'10" Bean - NexGen
  • 5'8" Codfather - NexGen
  • 6' T9 - Fiberglass
  • 5'7" Cloud - Fiberglass
  • 5'10" Optimist - Fiberglass
  • 11' Cruise Ship - Epoxy
  • 10'8" Warrior One - Epoxy
  • 9'6" Triton - Epoxy


  • 7” Dolphin Longboard Fin
  • 7.75" Ezi Trim Longboard Fin
  • 9" Hatchet Longboard Fin
  • 10" Alex Knost Longboard Fin
  • FCS V2 Thruster Fins
  • FCS GMB Tri/ Quad Fins
  • Captain Fin Thrusters
  • Captain Fin Quads

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