Great Moments in Recent Triple Crown History

Triple Crown Season is upon us, and I'm not talking horses.  The winter season is approaching, and Hawaii becomes surfing's ground zero for 6 weeks.  Three Events, The Haleiwa Pro, Sunset Beach Pro, and the Pipeline Masters make up the Vans Triple Crown, which comprises of huge winnings, qualification stakes for the next year, and tons of quality surfing.  I'm going to share some of my personal favorite moments on the North Shore during some of these contests in recent memory.



Dane Reynolds, 2012 Haleiwa Pro.  Just listen to Shane Dorian go off about this.  When you break it to slo-mo, you realize how technical this turn really was.


John John on winning the Triple Crown two seasons ago.



Kelly Slater & Rob Machado, Pipeline Semi-finals 1995. 


Mick Fanning & Joel Parkinson, 2009 - Watch this historic heat as out-of-competition best friends battle for the title. 


Andy and Kelly at Pipeline for the Title



Kelly at Sunset Beach last year



What makes this year especially exciting, is the stakes that Pipeline holds for the World Championship Tour this year.  It is down to three surfers left in the running of the Title for 2014; Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, and Gabriel Medina.  Here is the scenario broken down to what each surfer must do in order to come home with the World Title.


What makes these events so special is not only the magnitude of the end of the World Title season, but the fact that this is truly one of the best waves in the world, and to have man-on-man heats in the best barrels in the world is something truly special.  When the wave's are on, which they consistently are this time of the year, one barrel ride can change your life.

Rob Goodman
Rob Goodman


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