The 100 Wave Challenge - Mission Complete

For those of you just hearing about the 100 Wave Challenge, a little over a week ago, we took part in an awesome event to raise money for a program for fatherless teenage men.
The nonprofit organization, Boys To Men, provides guidance for trouble youths all over San Diego by meeting once a week and showing these young men how great they can be. Many of these boys have been referred by school counselors, teachers and in many instances, family and juvenile courts. These are the small percent of kids that fall through the cracks and are deemed lost causes. Boys To Men enlists the help of modest, honest volunteers from all walks of life. They provide these kids with the foresight of what happens when poor choices are made. Next they explain which decisions improved and repaired their lives. In the end, just showing lost young men that someone cares about them often improves their 
outlook on life, that’s what Boys To Men is all about.
The 100 Wave Challenge is an annual event that provides the sole funding for Boys To Men’s yearly budget of $150,000. Thank you to all of you that supported our fundraising contribution to the Boys To Men foundation through the 100 Wave Challenge. As a whole, the event had  over 100 new surfers, more than twice that of last year. Together we collectively raised almost $200,000, more than 30% greater than the projected goal. Again, 100% of these funds go to the budget for the Boys To Men mentor program. We were chosen as the sponsor the Surfers 
Lounge, the rest and recoup hangout for participating surfers attempting to surf 100 waves. Each of our five teammates hit the 100 wave goal and altogether, the event carried an amazing vibe! A number of surfers had the opportunity to hop on some of the extra boards we brought down, and to be honest, we were impressed. There were plenty of scuffs and dings going around so we stayed busy doing ding repair and lending out replacement boards. 
Another highlight came when we raffled off a brand new 8’0 Ultimate Mini Longboard (earth color) donated to the 100 Wave Challenge. The recipient? A 25-year mentor and Boys To Men veteran mentor; we couldn’t be happier. He had a chance to finish out his 100 wave count on one of our favorite boards and he did so in style. One thing is for sure, we’ve created an amazing relationship with our friends at Boys To Men and we look forward to being a big part of the 100 Wave Challenge for years to come.  If you’d like more info on 
being a part of the 100 Wave Challenge next year, or are interested in becoming a mentor for Boys To Men and hitting the waves with some new surfer dudes, they’d love your support!



Garek Hurt
Garek Hurt


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