Sneak Peak of Degree 33's Future Line-up!

FRESHNESS = WINNING Fresh fruit, fresh shoes, fresh hairdo, crème fraîche! Here at Degree 33, fresh is synonymous with winning. That is why Degree 33 has been hard at work to produce an entirely new line-up of Longboard Freshness. We want to ensure that your next big stick purchased from us, will be so fresh that all others will bow down to its supremacy. We have carried over the same great performance and design characteristics from our current line of Ultimate V2 Longboards and revamped them with some slick new styling. When you purchase a long board from our upcoming lineup, you might as well name it Mentos, because it will be the freshmaker! So while these boards are yet to be released, we wanted to share some sneak peaks with our readers and hear what you all have to say!  

WE VALUE YOUR COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS. Like what you see? Think you could do better? Submit your ideas or designs to and your submission just might pop up in our new line-up!   Cheers!   The Degree 33 Team

Garek Hurt
Garek Hurt


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