The Top 10 reasons a Degree33 surfboard is the best gift of the Christmas season.

November 21, 2011 1 Comment

10. You want to see Santa try and stuff that 10' log down your chimney.

9. Because you can't hide it, you get to use your board early.

8. You want to be more like Matthew McConaughey.

7. There's nothing like seeing your kids pee their pants in excitement.

6. Surfing on Christmas day is as Christmas as it gets.

5. You need something else to stack in your garage.

4. Figgy pudding... Really!?

3. Buying a Rusty board cost twice as much.

2. Building your own board out of a tree would take too long.

And the #1 reason a Degree33 surfboard is the best gift of the season...

1. Because fruitcake sucks.  

Did we miss one of your Top 10 Reasons? Comment below and tell us what it is.

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November 26, 2014

Surfing on Christmas…..Add it to my bucket list. Actually took my “tikt” board out the first time on 12/28/62 (my birthday). Wetsuits? What wetsuits?

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