The Perfect Beach Body: Two Step Program

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We’ve all had those days. Waking up to a blaring alarm at 5am so you can drag your exhausted body out of a warm comfy bed so you can chug some coffee, strap on your shoes, and go running in the frosty pre-dawn or at your local 24 hr gym. An effective workout, no doubt; but with all the sleep deprivation, self motivation, and membership dues—it’s kind of a hassle. If you’ve ever wondered how to get the toned, tight body you’ve always dreamed of without having to fight your workout at every turn, you NEED to try surfing. Everyone knows that after a few minutes of swimming you suddenly get super hungry.

There are 2 reasons why:

  1. Swimming is aerobic exercise
  2. Cold temperatures increase your metabolic rate: studies have found that if it’s cold enough, your body starts burning calories at DOUBLE speed.
Combining the two, you get a voracious, calorie consuming beast of a workout. Your body recognizes this and tells you to eat more to keep up.
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The only problem with swimming is that it can get a bit dull. Most swimming routines are like an underwater treadmill—all you do is swim back and forth across a pool. For someone like me, I enjoy swimming as much as a cat does. That’s where the surf workout really shines. Who wants to go to the gym or the pool when you can spend every workout at the beach: having a blast, ripping on waves, and enjoying the sand and sun. No reoccurring fees, no smug receptionists, no special diets. Just two steps.

Step 1: Buy a Surfboard

Step 2: Go Surfing

We promote surfing because surfing is who we are, but really the secret to a great body is consistent working out and diet. Diet is just a choice. But consistency comes from making your workouts fun. If working out is fun and not a chore... you'll do it! That’s it. Learn a new skill. Spend every day at the beach. What more could you ask for?

Garek Hurt
Garek Hurt


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May 07, 2014

Hello,my name is Luis i’m from Portugal, Lisbon and that was exactly
what i thought before i start surfing. I made swimming and is boring,run is boring, i work all day in a office i dont want to go to a gym that is just anorther other 4 walls. If have km of beach around me, in 30 minuts i’m there by car, and can go by bus or train, why go to a gym? Paintball,basketball,soccer are cool, but surf is me, my board, the ocean(and some friends if possible) when i want in beach near me, no waves?go paddle lolol :-P

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