Surfer Magazine: Degree33 gets called up to the Bigs.

A time comes when all of the blood, sweat and tears finally yield an opportunity. Not that we haven't had a good ride along our journey; the tears have been manage-able, the blood and sweat greatly overshadowed by sun, sand and salt. It's taken until now to feel like we truly have what it takes to stand side by side with the industry giants, the innovators and the celebrated craftsmen that have moulded the root surf culture of San Diego. Our boards have come a long way. To make it in the surf world, you must learn to dream, take risks, survive, continue to adapt and evolve, then, somewhere beyond countless hills and valleys, be willing and ready to thrive! It's truly starting to feel that way. The hard work is beginning to pay off!

At the beginning of spring, we had just brainstormed our next move to create more exposure for our boards. Then the phone rang... Surfer Magazine. We'd dreamt of that phone call for several years, hoping that when it came, we'd be ready. This is that year. Today, we stand among the 20some selection of surfings' heralded surfboard builders featured in the June 2016 Surfer Magazine's Board Buyers Guide. We're side by side with Channel Islands, Rusty, JS, T&C, Lost, Slater Designs, among other respected builders... We're among our peers, competitors and heros. We're not on the sidelines, we're in the game.

Not gonna lie, our spread looks absolutely CRISP. Go out and get your copy today!

To those of you that have rolled the dice, gave us the nod, or gave us the finger...  To our audience that has kept us on our toes, showing us what works, what doesn't, and continues to push us to risk it, survive, evolve, and thrive, Thank you. We wouldn't be here without you.

Garek Hurt
Garek Hurt


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Jaii Hein
Jaii Hein

January 22, 2017

My kneeboard…aka the 5’10" & 6’2" Bean…and 6’2" Retro Fish set up to ride on my knees are still going strong here in Costa Rica…I moved here permanently in 2014…Life Is Good! Bought those in 2011, 2013.

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