Degree 33 team goes to BSR Wave Park in Waco, Texas

March 02, 2021

Degree 33 team goes to BSR Wave Park in Waco, Texas

Recently the Degree 33 team took a trip to the famous BSR Wave Park in Waco, Texas. Armed without about twelve guys and twenty of our favorite boards, the crew embarked on a three day journey to surf some of the best man made waves on the planet. The goal was to get everyone together for some good clean fun and to test out many of the boards that you see on the website.

The BSR park has the ability to program different kinds of waves depending on what the surfer desires. Our team selected three waves:  the Trestles wave which offered down the line fast surfing, the Air Section wave allowing for ramps for getting out of the wave and the Grom Wave which was another fast high performance wave good for quick turns and barrels. 

Ambassador Cheyne Jobbins getting fins out on the Trestles Wave


Kieran Anderson blowing our minds as usual during the air session


Matthew Turner in the sweet spot on the Poacher EpoxySoft fun shape

The One Board Quiver was ideal for small rampy waves, Hunter Lysaught making it look easy


Micah finding a barrel towards the end of his wave 

Each wave had distinct characteristics allowing for an incredible variety of surfing. The BSR park is situated in a rural area of Texas on a large property with the wave machine, a lazy river and large pool slides that exit into clear blue water. The wave itself is a site to behold. Many pro surfers consider this the most realistic surfing wave to be generated within a pool. The wave was designed by American Wave Machines and has been surfed by many of the world's best surfers. The park is not all high performance though as they have different settings for beginner, intermediate and expert surfers so there really is something for everyone. And if you want to take a break there is always the lazy river to cool you down. Whether you want to cruise down the line, pull into a barrel of get some air this wave has something for you. The team had some amazing fellowship time staying together in one of the lodge houses outfitted with full kitchen and accommodations that sleep up to fifteen people. If you want to try something new and surf waves when there are no waves to be had at your local beach, this may be the ideal surf trip for you!  Go to for more details.

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