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Ultimate 8'6 EPS Blue

Ultimate 8'6 EPS Blue
(click photo for alternate view)

Our Price: 440.0000

Product Code: ULTEPSBLUE-0086

The Low Down...
  • 8'6" x 22 3/4" x 2 7/8"
  • Epoxy construction- Lighter, stronger and more bouyant than traditional fiberglass
  • Completely Hand Shaped EPS Foam (not just hand finished)
  • Flat through the middle, double concave at the tail
  • Beveled Rail
  • Squash Tail
  • Stable Surf System
  • 2+1 FCS compatible fins included (6" center fin and 2 side bite fins)
  • Gloss and Polish

ultimate longboard surfboard concave and rail picture

ultimate longboard surfboard tail concave picture

It surfs better than you described

?I took my new 9' Ultimate out the other day in 3 foot semi-glass conditions. It surfs BETTER then you described. Your hydrodynamic combination of single to double concave with the beveled rails makes this board so much FUN to ride. I'm so glad I bought my longboard from you - it is the Ultimate longboard! Have a great summer and thanks again.?

-Al Jangl
East Longmeadow, MA

I have found my dream board!!

?Got my 9'0" Ultimate board last Wednesday. I watched all your videos, waxed her up, and went to the ocean on Sunday. It was amazing. I caught just about every wave I paddled into. My buddies could not believe it. I have finally found my dream board. All the assistance you provided me was awesome. I have a whole new outlook on surfing. Thanks a ton!?

-Jeff Holoman
Greenville, NC

Great quality, awesome board

?Oh my gosh, how wrong I was to think the surfboard we got from you might be a little lower quality! But it wasn't until my husband got on it that we realized that it is truly an awesome surfboard. It actually floated my husband better than his VERY expensive surfboard that is a foot longer and custom made! They caught waves they normally wouldn't even paddle for and rode them to shore. Thanks again for allowing us to come to your Place and helping us to pick the right surfboard.?

-Christy Bartlett
San Diego, CA

Easy to paddle, Very Stable

?I've been out on my new 9' several times and it performs as advertised-easiest paddle I've ever had, very stable but easy to turn. I'm stoked, and thanks.?

-Judd Westover
Del Mar, CA

Great quality for the price!

?I can't believe the quality of this board for the price. No wonder you guys are all the rave. I'm moving to San Diego."

-James "Keith" Strickland
Saint Augustine, FL

This board has made it easy for me and my friends

?Luc & Holly, I purchased my 9'6 Ultimate Aug. 2009. I am a beginner surfer. I was able to get up and start surfing in 1 day. The waves in SC are not very big but perfect for beginners. I am now able to surf every wave I choose and the ultimate board has made it easy for me and my friends. Thinking of buying another one. The ultimate is ?THE Ultimate? for new surfers. Thanks for a great product.?

-Greg White
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Stoked with my Ultimate longboard

?I?m stoked with my ?Ultimate?. Sunday wasn?t a great day in respect to the waves here in Ventura but I went out anyways. This was my second day with the ultimate, and I had a blast, caught so many waves, and enjoyed it a lot. The board is great, easy to paddle as you told me, catches many waves, and rides fast, light, and easy to turn. I met with a old fashion very good surfer, and I showed my Degree 33 and he really likes it, he rides an infinity , he may contact you guys!?

-Javier San Martin
Ventura, CA

I love my new board

?I love the new board! Can't wait to get another one from you when I'm ready for an addition. Thanks again, I am definitely going to go to you guys first from here on out!?

-Marc Cyr
San Diego, CA

Looking forward to buying another board from you

?Its been 2 weeks since I purchased an 8'6 from you guys. I wasn't really impressed in the beginning by looking at it... but from the minute it hit the water... WOW, its an amazing board! As I am a beginner, I was able to catch up to my friends that?s been surfing for a few months and I even caught some good size waves on this board! Looking forward to buying another board from you guys again soon! Keep up the good work on the design and making it affordable! Degr33 Board Fan!?

-Aaron Lee
San Diego, CA

Hoots and hollers?best day in a long time!

?You won't see me again-unless I buy another board! This will be my final update with respect to my new NexGen board. As you know I am 60 years old and decided to get back into surfing after taking 5 years off (I am the guy with the fin issues). I tried on my old 9'6 board but needed something that could float me better and perform with less effort. The first couple of weeks I stayed inside the jetty (the learners section) until I had the board wired and felt in good enough shape to move to the outside break with the big boys. Decided that dawn patrol would be my best bet because there would not be a crowd. Paddled out with just two other surfers in the water. OK here we go, grabbed a peak, over head on the take off with a chest high wall. Oh my God, the board performed better than I ever expected. Cutting back and then moving forward this 10 foot tank of a board thinks it is a short board. I was surprised that to turn the board one only needs to use the ball on the forward part of his foot. Second wave, should I chance it? Why not, walked to the nose, OK, about one foot back from the nose, the board held its trim and I could not believe how stable it was. Ah crap, people are starting to paddle out into the line up. Do I paddle out further to avoid the crowd and wait or stay inside? Decided to paddle out further a wait for an outside. Finally one jumps up right in front of me. Any other time I would not have attempted a late take off with my other board, but now had confidence this one would not pearl. I grabbed a good one and dropped in pulling off a bottom turn like the old days. But what really impressed me was how fast the board climbed to the center of the wave when I pressed the rail into the side of the wave. The best parts were the hoots and hollers I received from the surfers inside. That has never happened to me in my entire life. All in all I caught about 12 waves during my session. I know it does not sound like a lot, but for a 60 year old out of shape guy, it was the best day I have had in a long time. You guys are the real deal, I hope you are in business for a long time, thanks. Pray for surf. ?

-Reggie Jones
San Diego, CA

I am a believer of the bottom concaves

?As you know I purchased the 9'6" NexGen yesterday and I have to tell you I was a bit skeptical. I am a shorter board rider. Well.... I rode it yesterday and surprised as to its maneuverability. I'm a believer of the bottom contour. I really enjoyed it and caught more waves than I should. Many were irritated at me. After my buddy notices how this board performs, he will want one, likely to 9' NexGen. How many of those do you have in stock??


I am a big fan!

?Just want to let you know I'm a big fan of your Ultimate. Took to the Outer Banks, NC and was catching waves all week. Every problem I had with my funboard solved! Great board and I've even attached a photo.?

-Bill Echevarria
Sterling, VA

Didn?t even get my hair wet

?I had a great time this morning. Lots of rides and didn't even get my hair wet! Thank you.? (9?6? Ultimate)

-John Mandel
Royal Oaks, CA

Best longboard I have ever ridden

?I went out with my trainer to learn tricks. From the get go, he stated it was a high performance board. He and I were a bit skeptical as we wondered if it was indeed a pop out. All we have to say is WOW!! Best longboard I have EVER ridden. Good price point, excellent product. Well worth every dollar. Yeah, it is a 10' boat, but handles like a 9" dream. Buy it. (26 yrs surfing)

-Terry LaCross
Eugene, OR

It turns like no other longboard I?ve been on

?I received the board yesterday paddled out this am and had a awesome time! Thank you so much. The board surfs just like you said. It turns like no other longboard I?ve been on! I can finally go back side and make some turns because of the quickness rail to rail of the board!.?

-Sam Johnson
Wilmington, NC

Board is working really well

?Luc and Holly, The Board is working well...very good at tight bottom turns and cut backs..8'6" floats like/better than my 9'0 EPS. Photos taken just north of Terra Mar, second time out. U may need to throw a D33 t shirt my way based on the pub I am getting your board. Note the water coming off the rail groove on the bottom turn and water disbursement when pushing down on the nose...I did make the section. I am still really interested in the 8'6" board in the NexGen materials, Please keep me posted when they come in, so that I can try it out. Thanks.?

-Gary LaPerle
Escondido, CA

Board is Fantastic- really easy to paddle

?Took the board out this morning. The conditions weren't great, but the board is fantastic so far. I can't believe how easy paddling is now. Can't wait to get back out there!? (9ft Ultimate)

-Mike Cadelago
San Diego, CA

I love my Ultimate

?Hi guys Just wanted to let you know I love my 9'6" Ultimate! I left the tri fin setup on it and it worked out great. It survived the drive thru the desert which is great cuz its gonna happen alot now that Im the proud owner of a brand new stick. Thank you for all the info you made my purchase very easy. peace to you Luc and Holly.?

-Pete Chapman
Phoenix, AZ

The surfboard worked better than I had hoped

?Just got back from Costa Rica surf trip. Broke in the new Stokes 8'0" surfboard I got from you guys. Handles like a 6'0" instead of an 8'0". Wanted to let ya'll know "I LOVE MY NEW SURFBOARD". Hope you both are well.

-Garrett King
Malibu CA

Very comfortable with my new board after an hour

"I started surfing here about 3 months ago after taking the two weekend course at the MBAC. I picked up a 9? soft-top before that Was heavy but held me up fine just before me and my girlfriend took the course. I bought an 8?6? Ultimate a couple weekends ago and have surfed once with it at blacks. This board felt initially almost too fast for me but the class got us up on boards and that was all I needed to actually feel very comfortable with my new board after only about an hour one day a weekend. From what I have read and looked at and priced you guys seem to be doing a fine business producing what I think will be a great board for me. I have picked up surfing over the past few months and it looks like it will become more enjoyable.Thanks."

- Alex

Bought my very first longboard 3 months ago. LOVE IT!!

"Incredibly fun, been surfing every weekend since. I even have had numerous people compliment me on my nice looking board (one guy even paddle over in the water between sets to check it out!!). I'm stoked :)"

-Jamie Tobey
Del Mar, CA

I felt very well looked after

"Just purchased my first ever surfboard from the Stokes via the web site/phone. The board is great (8'6" mini mall with great graphics) and rides really well. After just over a week I'm surfing some decent waves. It was great to be able to talk with the owner of a business (a rarity these days) before buying. I felt very well looked after."

- Richard Evans
York, ME

His Long Board let him surf like a local

"Luc, I just want to let you know how much my son (Rocky jr.) loves his board. He was surfing at day light every day that we were at the beach and now that we are back in Phoenix it is suspended from his bedroom ceiling waiting for his next trip. Thanks for your great Service and boards. By the way his Long Board let him surf like a local he was Stoked."

- Rocky Black Sr.
Pheonix, AZ

What a blast

"Holly, Just got back from the am surf. The board was great; what a blast. Going out with the family for a midday beach trip and will be taking the board out again.?

-Jesse Rubin
San Diego, CA

GREAT board

"Hey Holly, I picked up my new board yesterday and tried it out this morning. GREAT board, I?m very happy with it and I have had lots of positive comments from the folks who have seen it. I just wanted to say thanks and that Degree 33 is the first place I?ll look for a stick when I get ready to expand my quiver. Thanks again"

- Jerry Merriman
La Mesa, CA

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the board

"Hey guys, I was in CA for the last swell that came thru from that hurricane in Baja. My 8' board ROCKED!!! It was really easy to paddle into the waves and had great pick up down the line. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the board. I will be ordering another one soon for the family. Thanks."

-Ryan Sutton
Scottsdale, AZ

This board is Bad Ass!

?Hey Luc, Its Ben. I bought a Longboard from you around late July or August or so. The board is really bad ass! I?ve seriously had some extremely fun times on it.? Thanks!


Impressed by the handling and manueverability

?Just took my 9ft longboard out for its Maiden Voyage in my first trip to San Diego since I purchased it from you at the end of last summer. Anyways, was thoroughly impressed and satisfied by its handling and maneuverability. I had many great sessions for a beginner and attribute much of that to the ease of paddling, its light weight (compared to the foamies) and the general construction of my new board. Thanks again.?

-Brian Tuma
Strongsville, OH

My friends are amazed at the price, and quality of my new board

?Thanks. The long board is great. I have used it Doheny State Beach, County Line, El Porto, C street in Ventura. It catches waves fairly easy and is pretty fast for a long board. My son enjoys the hybrid as well. I will try it out tomorrow at El Porto to see how it works for me. I do get a lot of questions from people have visited your website about my long board and they have asked me about your operations. I tell them call Luc and Holly they'll hook you up. They are amazed at your prices but until they saw my board were reluctant to call. Now they might call. Hope they do. Thanks!?


I just got my new board last night and I LOVE it!

?We all went down to the beach at sunset, and even though there were no waves to be had, paddling out into the setting sun felt just as good. I'm really struck by the board's balance...I could feel it right off. I'm going to need it because the best waves around here (Erie, PA) are usually just before, during and just after a storm. They're not monster waves, but they'll still toss you around fairly hard. Aside from the exceptional form and function, it's a beautiful board. People were stopping me on the beach just wanting to see it. I couldn't be happier.?

-Frank Weber
Erie, PA

A++++ Customer Service

?You and Luc are great. You both went above and beyond in providing A+++++ customer service; from prompt and courteous responses to my many questions to immediate action taken on my behalf. I can?t thank you both enough. You both have a friend here in New York. My Board is awesome. I love it. I have been having a blast with it. I will certainly pass on the word about you guys, your company and the great board you made for me.A sincere and heartfelt thank you for everything. You are sure to hear from me in the future to purchase more stuff.?

-Scott Dow
New York

I absolutely love this board

?Howdy! I bought a 9' Ultimate longboard from you guys last spring and absolutely love it! Thanks for the help.?

-Jeff Gregory
Montezuma, NM

I am completely satisfied with my D33 purchase

?Just a note that I received my Ultimate long board on Wednesday and surfed yesterday in Santa Cruz. With the great weather, low tide and my Ultimate, it was a perfect day! I searched many on-line sites, visited a few surf shops in the area and I'm completely satisfied with my choice in Degree 33. It's been over twenty-five years since I was an active surfer and your board has helped re-ignited my passion. Great board!! Thanks again.?

-Jim Nachtigal
San Jose, California

When people inspect my board, they appreciate the design

?Not many surfers know Degr33, but when they inspect my board, they appreciate the design. I went from a know nothing surfer to a surfer that gets decent amount of respect in the water in just 3 months. I can even sneak hang 5 here and there.?

-Joe Chun
Irvine CA

What a great ride


-Shawn Stremsterfer
Placerville, CA

I heartily endorse your products

?Wanted to drop you a photo of me and the board that I bought from you for my 5oth birthday. I rode it down in Florida and it was great. I heartily endorse your products! I would love to get some stickers from you to add to the best to you and your family. Mahalo.?

-Ron Butler
Hillsborough, NC

I am amazed at how well this thing catches waves!

?Just contacting you to give you some feedback on my board recently purchased from you. I bought an ultimate longboard, 9'6", coming from surfing a 9'2" performance board which I loved. Problem is that it was tough to catch waves on the mushy days and when I go to San Onofre surfing old mans and in front of the power plant. After last Sunday (my 3rd day out on the new board) I went to San Onofre, I caught a bunch of great waves, long rides. I was even competing with the stand up guys (at least in my mind I was, they were probably just letting me go). Anyway, I am amazed as to how well this thing catches waves and it turns pretty well. I still plan to use my 9'2" from time to time but I am hooked on the new Degree33.Thanks so much, you can pass along my testimony to other prospective buyers.?

-Eric Brounstein
Long Beach, CA

Turns great with little input

?Hey got the new ultimate longboard today from Kevin. And I will say it's awesome. Turns great with little input. I bought it for my girlfriend and after she rode it a little bit to christen her new board I took it out and loved it. Thanks again.?

-Ryan Kunkel
Fresno, CA