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Turning Point 7'6 EPS Green

Turning Point 7'6 EPS Green
(click photo for alternate view)

Our Price: 400.0000


The Low Down...
  • 7'6" x 22 1/4" x 3"
  • Swallow Tail - Fast, quick, and stable
  • Epoxy construction- Lighter, stronger and more bouyant than traditional fiberglass
  • Completely Hand Shaped EPS Foam (not just hand finished)
  • Aggressive rocker and pointed nose
  • Single concave
  • 3 Fin (thruster) FCS compatible fins included
  • Satin Finish

turning point concave funboard picture


Goodbye Longboard, hello Turning point Hybrid fish!

"Thanks for the great board.  My son and I had an incredible time on it.  Goodbye long board, hello Turning Point!  We were catching everything out there with what seemed like very little effort compared to the previous long boards we tried.  My son already wants to try a shorter one!  We will probably be back in a few months to buy another board.  Looking forward to seeing you then. Thanks!"

-Stan Freeman
Las Vegas, NV

I couldn't be happier!

   "I took a HUGE gamble going from a 10' Longboard down to a 7' funboard but I took the chance with this board and couldn't be happier! Took a few tries but before long I was up on this board and having a blast! This board is stable and FAST! I expected to have a long learning curve with such a large jump down in size but with this board I was catching waves and on my feet after only a few tries. Luc & Holly are great and were always eager to answer my questions and help in every way possible. I will be buying all of my boards from you guys!"(surfing for 1 year)

  -Jeramy Vierk
Fort Polk, LA

Judy will be able to improve her re-entries and get some barrels!

 "We picked up a 6-8 hybrid fish for Judy and she's stoked on it. Paddles well, is maneuverable and Judy will now be able to improve her re-entries and get some barrels! That's what I'm talking about."

-John and Judy de la Cuesta
Huntington Beach, CA

Great Transition Board

"I love the board! it's serving as a great transitional board from long to short.  It rides great and cuts like a champ.  There will be no need to trade it in for another board.  My next step down to an even shorter board will most likely be with you guys.  Keep up the good work!"


-Matthew Engle 
Huntington Beach, CA

I would recommend you to everyone

"Thanks for the 6'8' hybrid fish surfboard. It was exactly what you described. It was great to do business with you, I would recommend you to everyone."

-Anselmo Prieto
Miami, FL

I was skeptical, but it?s the only one I ride now!

"Absolutely love my new fish board!! Was skeptical, but it's the only one I'm riding now! Thanks for being there!"

-Jim Margitan
Long Valley, NJ

"Your Board Arrives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Cheers."

-Mike and Eric
Puerto Vallarta, MX

Can't wait to surf the board again next weekend

"My son loves the new board. We surfed all weekend from Friday to Monday. He can?t wait to surf his new board again next weekend. Your set up is awesome and I will continue to spread the good word about you guys."

-John Taylor
Hemet, CA