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Whether you're out to explore a new break or just master the one you've got, these durable, high quality resources from Franco Maps are the best $6 you've ever spent on surf accessories.

When you think of surfing, maps are probably the last thing to cross your mind. You just want to go out and surf, not get a geography lesson. BZZT. BAD.

A good surfer knows his environment--the direction of optimal swell, the right kinds of breaks for the right conditions, and which of his local beaches best suit his quiver. Without a deep understanding of your surrounding breaks, its impossible to become skilled at the sport. How else are you going to hunt down quality waves to surf ;).

When Franko Maps showed us a copy of their San Diego surf map, we were a little skeptical at first. But a weeks into hunting for a good shore to ride during our last minute Summer Swell and we were sold---blown away really, by how useful the thing was.

This map covers all the major and minor breaks in the San Diego area in the painstaking detail while remaining easy to read and access. Combined with a daily surf report, this map is a must have for any San Diego Surfer. No load time. No computer necessary.

So skip out on that burrito and get going: you've got a lot of new waves to shred.

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