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Pivot Fish 6' EPS Blue Stripe

Pivot Fish 6' EPS Blue Stripe
(click photo for alternate view)

Our Price: 375.0000


The Low Down...
  • 6' x 21" x 2 1/2"
  • For the surfer that rides a 6'2" to 6'4" shortboard
  • Epoxy construction- Lighter, stronger and more bouyant than traditional fiberglass
  • Completely Hand Shaped EPS Foam (not just hand finished)
  • Quad FCS compatible fins included
  • Beautiful gloss and polish finish
  • V concave at the nose single concave at the tail


Caught every wave I paddled for…

“It was a pleasure meeting both of you last night. I am so stoked on the 6' Retro Fish surfboard I purchased from you. You have a great product and at unbeatable prices. Went out in Huntington this morning and had a great session. Caught every wave I paddled for and had total control of the board on turns. Dropping a full foot in length was easier than expected on the epoxy fish. Thank you both!"

-Vincent Nola
Santa Monica, CA

Worked better that I had hoped!

“Hey D33 team, I love my new surfboard! I purchased a 5'8" fish surfboard from you yesterday. This morning the surf looked a bit mushy but I paddled out anyways for what turned out to be a very fun session. The surfboard worked better than I had hoped. Thank you so much!

-Scott Cox
Deerfield Beach, FL

So Stoked!

"WOW! you guys are awesome! I was lookin' to buy my boyfriend a surfboard for our 2 yr. anniversary. Out here in LA, USED fish boards go for about $460. I was just browsing online hoping to maybe find a place that would sell it cheaper, and I just stumbled on your website. NOT ONLY did I find what I was lookin' for, but it was a NEW board at a cheaper price! On the same day we came to pick up the board we decided to hit the beach to see how it rides. HE LOVED IT! He was catching waves all over here and there. ALSO 2 other surfers came up to him and complimented his board. HE WAS SO STOKED! THANK YOU!"

-Ditas Castillo
Los Angeles, CA

Lovin’ my board!

"Lovin’ my board!  I’ll definitely spread the word around  and I’ll be back to buy another for sure."

      -Ken "Stoked" Kondo
San Diego, CA

Sweet board

"Luc the board is sweet. I went out this afternoon and the waves sucked, but I still caught lots of waves. Thanks bro." (5’8” Pivot Fish)

-Mike Hartgraves
San Diego, CA   

Works well for Kiteboarding too

“Tried my first strapless downwinder on your 5' 8" Pivot Fish, using my 10M kite. What a fun board. Instead of wax I put strips of skateboard grip tape on it, which worked well. I have kite surfed in straps on a 6' thruster in the Atlantic a half-dozen times but wanted something playful for lighter wind days and to noodle around with on Lake Champlain here in Vermont. I'm 62 and still work my twin tip program, which includes lots of rotations, lofty jumps and kite loop transitions but the Pivot Fish is a perfect mellow fun ride for a change of pace. I think you have a kiter market out there as well as surf. Good luck.”

-Ken Emery

I love my new fish

"I love my new fish, it rides real well and the mottled blue color is awesome. Thanks again."

- John Hornbeak
La Jolla, CA

Fun board- I am glad I picked this one!

"D33, Finally got to surf some decent waves with the new board I got from you, fun to surf. Harder to catch waves than my 7'0", that's to be expected. But it is faster and turns well. I need to surf waves with a little juice in them because it is hard to catch mushy waves. Fun board, glad I picked this one. Thanks."

-Michael Wong
Long Beach, CA

Same price or lower than others I had been looking at!

“I think the Nexgen is rad. I dig the V and single concave and can feel the difference, and I am glad I got a different size and was able to get a different shape too.  I still came in close to or under the price of some others I have been looking at.”


-Scott Whitman