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Hanger 10'2 EPS BlueLime

Hanger 10'2 EPS BlueLime
(click photo for alternate view)

Our Price: 500.0000


The Low Down...
  • 10'2" x 23 1/2" x 3"
  • Epoxy construction- Lighter, stronger and more bouyant than traditional fiberglass
  • Completely Hand Shaped EPS Foam (not just hand finished)
  • Deep nose concave to channel with bevels to flat to double concave
  • Rounded Pin Tail
  • Pinched Rails
  • 2+1 FCS compatible fins included (8" center fin and 2 side bite fins)
  • Gloss and Polish

hanger longboard surfboard concave picture


The turning responsiveness?. outstanding!

?I bought the 9'2" Hanger yesterday. I was in at Malibu first light, nice swell and the board rode great!  A little stiff but I expected that with the epoxy.  What I didn't expect was the turning response, outstanding.  I caught just about every wave I paddled for and surfed to exhaustion. Thanks!?

-Bradley Fisher
Orange County, CA 

Been surfing since 1964?.love this board!

 ?Holly, You?d asked that I let you know how I liked the board. You will recall, I ended up with the 9' 2" Hanger. I have been surfing since 1964 and throughout that time, I have had a variety of surfboard shapes and sizes. However, I realized some time ago that I am a longboarder at heart. My last board was an Encinitas 8' 6" concave nose. I dearly loved that board and the day I sold it in preparation to move to Nashville was the saddest day I can remember. That was in 1994. This two week adventure to return to surfing has been wonderful. It could not have happened without your assistance. In spite of how attached I was to the Encinitas board, your Hanger is infinitely more responsive in turns. I credit that to the unique shape. I had so much fun with this board and as I return again to Nashville, I await my next opportunity to take it out. I'm planning on a week in October. Thanks again. Your service is outstanding.?

-Dan O'Grady
San Diego, CA

It surfs great

?The 9'6" epoxy board I picked up just before Christmas surfs great! I took it out at Trails on my birthday (12/28) & had a ball. The decreased weight made the added 6" un-noticeable. Thanks again.?

       - Jim Daniell
Palmdale, CA

Having a blast on this board

?Bought my 10'2" Noserider from you. Love it, but it's certainly a change from my 6'10" balsa board! Haven't ridden a longboard since 1969, but having a blast!?

-Grant Cameron
Jacksonville, FL