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Flyin Fish 6' NEXGEN Clear

Flyin Fish 6' NEXGEN Clear
(click photo for alternate view)

Our Price: 305.0000

Product Code: FLYFISHNGCLEAR-0060

The Low Down...
  • 6' x 20 1/2" x 2 1/2"
  • For surfers that surf a 6'4" to 6'6" shortboard
  • NexGen epoxy- combining the great flex and responsiveness of a fiberglass board, with the durability of an epoxy
  • Completely Hand Shaped EPS Foam (not just hand finished)- High grade epoxy resin
  • Quad FCS compatible fins included
  • Single to V concave
  • 20% lighter than traditional fiberglass
  • Satin Finish

flyin fish surfboard concave picture



Plenty of float, nice and responsive

"Hey guys, took my quad fish out for the first time.  Really dig it in the occasionally mushy east coast waves we've got out here.  Plenty of float, nice and responsive. Cheers."

-Sean Attebury
New York

I love my Flyin Fish!

"I love my Flyin' Fish! Can't say it any other way. Lake Erie isn't known for its breaks, but when a storm kicks up and sends weather to my shore, waves can get up over 12ft. We got hit with waves and winds from a storm up in Canada the day before I got my Fish and it lasted for three days. So I got to try it out in the best (worst?) waves we got all month - 9-12ft waves slamming into and out of every direction. It was SWEET! I had a blast! As soon as I hit the water, it was like there was no storm at all. I flew on the rip and the chops and even when the backwash slammed me, it was instant recovery - this board can fly in the mushy waves around here. The board fits me. I still love the 8' board I bought from you, too, but it works better for different waves. I just got an on-board camera and I'll send a video as soon as we get some more weather worth showing. Thanks for the GREAT Customer service and a couple of OUTSTANDING boards!"

–Frank Weber
Erie, PA 

I don’t even surf my shortboards anymore!

"I just wanted to say that I love that fish I bought from you back in August. I don't even surf my short boards anymore! I'm really interested in buying another board. I was thinking about getting a quad fish or maybe a custom fish or both. Thanks again. Talk to you soon :)"

-Brian Cook
Avon, CO

My son loves this surfboard

"My son loves this surfboard. You are truly wonderful people to deal with."

-Karla Bartholomew
Sunland, CA

This fish is awesome!

"So after riding the 6'2 Quad hybrid fish its awesome! Little hard to paddle into waves but once up it fly’s! It has very good turn and floats great."

-Blake Conlin
Norco, CA

The world needs less greedy people like you and your wife

"Hey Luc, I'm Andy. The guy who bought the 6'2 quad fin surfboard off you. It was around last Christmas of 2007. Its a great board. I love it.You saved me and my mom a big amount of money Luc. The world needs less greedy people like you and your wife. Peace."

- Andy Cruz
San Jose, CA

It's amazing!

"Hi guys, I got the 6' hybrid fish surfboard early this week, and I have been surfing every day on it. It's amazing! The speed you get is incredible even on waist high mush. Also its very responsive. It’s a great board. Thank you so much."

-Nikolas Harth

Still riding it!

“Just letting you know Im still riding the board and its been a blast! Check out the pic!”

-Ben Cohen
San Diego, CA

I will send people your way  

“I meant to send you a message sooner after my purchase two weeks ago.  I took the board out for Sat-Mon and caught some great waves.  It gave me the stability I was looking for and great down the line board.  I thought it might have floated me more or paddled into the waves a little quicker but that should get better as I get thinner from surfing more. Thanks for all your help.  I will send anyone who asks your way.”


-Gabe Guevara
Encino, CA