The "Whip It"

 whip it shortboard size chart

Our #1 selling thruster rips in small surf but will still hold its own in overhead!

Purpose: The Whip It is the most versatile true shortboard in our lineup. For those of you that prefer a steeper face, even when the waves aren't ideal, this is the perfect punchy beach break weapon. It's slightly wider and thicker than most shortboards, allowing it to surf great in smaller conditions. It still maintains a good amount of rocker which allows for some heavier conditions as well. The single to double concave bottom makes it track, paddle and maneuver predictably. The thinned out rails provide good bite with a “hip” to create a noticeable pivot point. Finally, the wider than normal squash tail creates drive in small waves and maintains the maneuverability you want for your “daily driver” shortboard. The Whip it makes for a perfect first time shortboard so you can get that tail blow, power gouge and lip crack.

Designed For: Intermediate to advanced surfer who wants that everyday shortboard where high performance is always on tap.

Sweet Spot: Thigh to slightly overhead with its true identity revealed in waist it to head high surf. Best in clean casual conditions with a touch of punch.

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