Surfboards: Beginner to Advanced, What’s the Right Board for Your Unique Situation

February 26th, 2010 by Luc

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The surfing world is not like the clothing world… one size does not fit all, everybody is unique. Beginners need something different than what an advanced surfers needs. Here are some of the shapes and categories we have that you might… or might not, fit into.

Beginner Surfers

ultimate longboard surfboard

Ultimate Longboard

Beginners need stability and easy paddling. But beginners also don’t want to buy a “beginner” board only to have to buy another board right away because they grew out of their first one. Super lame.

Good news though! We have a great selection of boards that are both stable and easy paddlers but will allow you to progress and improve as your skills get better. Chicks like guys with skillz… sorry Napoleon Dynamite jumped into my head.

What I am trying to say is that if you’re new to surfing… we got ya covered.

Here are a couple of surfboard suggestions if you’re in that new and fun world of just starting out. Size is going to depend on height and weight:

Ulitmate Longboards

Ulitmate Mini Longboards

If you’re a grom:

Stepping Stone Funboard

Poacher Funboard

retro fish surfboard

Pivot Fish

Intermediate Surfers

This is where 80% of surfers are, but because of that, it makes it very tough to know exactly what you’re after. We have created a huge line of surfboards specifically for you.

We have awesome longboards that are super maneuverable and we have some that are insane nose riders. We have boards for those of you that are transitioning down from a longer to shorter board that are a happy medium of elements to make your transition smooth.

We also have an awesome range of fishes and first time shortboards. We even have quirky boards for those of you just looking for something different.

The intermediate surfer is where the heart of our line resides and we have gobs of choices of you. If you have a hard time figuring out what you want give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Here’s some of our more popular boards for intermediates:





Turning Point


Pivot Fish

Flyin’ Fish



Advanced Surfers

custom surfboards

We Do Custom Boards

There aren’t a bunch of you out there, but there are a few, and the advanced surfers typically know exactly what they want.

For you guys you’ll be happy to know that all of our shapes rip and have been tested by guys that rip also.

So take a look around our site. Look at the videos and pictures. I promise you’ll like what you see. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can always do a custom surfboard for you.

We have one of the largest selection of surfboards available online, so check us out, go ride one… you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for listening… uh er… reading. :)

Give us a little feedback. Whacha think?

34 responses to “Surfboards: Beginner to Advanced, What’s the Right Board for Your Unique Situation”

  1. Chris writes:

    Great article – lots of choices to think about for my next choice of board! I really enjoy your blog and articles. Keep up the great work.


  2. Dennis aka DenRA Proffitt writes:

    Turning Point 7′ NEXGEN Clear looks like the board for me at this point!


  3. Sandy Morison writes:

    I really like the looks of your ultimate longboard. I like the added rocker, and the beveled rails. I like the thickness,
    and the outline is flawless. I’ll be surfing the Santa Cruz area and and I think that board would rock at Pleasure Point.


  4. Robert " The Madman " Bowne writes:

    Dude ,

    I am considering the ultimate long board if i should be a winner and even if i am not chosen as a winner this is the choice that i would consider buying for my next board. I used to have a 8 1/2 foot Carl Hayward long board about 20+ years ago that i bought directly from his shop in HB and it was a kickass board. I have owned a few Becker short Boards through out the years but im not as limber as i used to be. I can still shred the hell outta a wave especially when So Cal has its Southern Hemi Season but end up paying dearly for it in the long run.

    So i tend to restrict my old broken up ass to strictly long boarding with an occasional Boogie Board Sesssion every once in awhile with my original Morey Boogie Circa 1979 and a set of church hill fins and depending on the time of year either a short spring O’Neal wet suit or a full Body Glove wet suit for cold weather and H2O.

    I checked out your website and was totally stoked to find some long boards that have the classic look and said to myself wooah those are some pretty Bitchin Boards.

    Dude Keep Hangin loose and thanks for the info..


  5. JohnCumberworth writes:

    Thank you for the information. I’m looking to get a long board, I bought my first long board in 1962 a Dewey Weber board. Surfed from Mexico to Oregon.
    Did quit a bit of Hawawii surfing from the 50′s to the 70′s Kaua’i being my favorite.I hope you have much sucess with your boards, they look great I hope to find out how well they surf.


  6. Gregory DiGiacinto writes:

    the epoxy turning point 7′. im trying to get on that one for sure!!!



  7. Terry writes:

    The flyin fish 6’2 NEXGEN looks awesome


  8. rob casey writes:

    great article on surfboard levels and types. i’m a big guy at 6-5 and learned to (stand up) surf on a sup, originally coming from surf kayaking (sitting). i think the 10′ blue/grey looks like a great board, sporty design too, like the racing stripes. we surf freighter waves here in puget sound near seattle, so waves aren’t that big or powerful, need a long board for support and speed to catch the wave. rc


    Daniel Patrick Casey Reply:

    Hay Rob Casey how you doin-
    I’d sure love to catch some freighter waves with you,but the cold water would probly kill me Ha!Rob I was born in the Ocean State,Rhode Island an raised in Surf City,Huntington Beach Ca.
    ive been surfing for 50 years!My late cousin, I taught how to surf in 1968 is Carl Hayward surfboards!We created the Swallow tail in 1969 an that transferred to the first Hayward Rocket Fish 1970.Carl an I are the gr grandsons of the Coggshall,Wonton,Casey’s of RI who are the founding fathers of the colony/state of RI.Google Silas Casey Farm an you can read about us.The third Silas Casey is Admiral Silas Casey 111 and was stationed in Puget Sound Washington for a bit.He became Admiral of Pacific Fleet 1903-1906.Google The Thousand Day War Admiral Casey.The Admirals father was Major general Silas Casey of The Pig War fame on San Juan Island Puget sound.Then His brother Brig General Thomas Lincoln Casey has a fort named after him on Puget sound “Fort Casey”.Anyway give me a call an we’ll figure out if we are related.Later Dan Casey 714 421 7559 cell


  9. Buddy Dorton writes:

    Which coast you’re on can make a difference, too. I heard it put well years ago. On the west coast you use your speed to create maneuvers, while the east coast surfer performs maneuvers to create speed. For me , the Fish takes care of it all.


  10. noel writes:

    really diggin the Flyin Fish 6’2 EPS Blue Light looks like its the beast board for these so cal waves..


  11. Ben Griffin Jr writes:

    I’ve had 4 custom boards, it’s definitely the way to go!!!!


  12. dude writes:

    dudes anyboard is a good board for me you guys rule


  13. libby writes:


    I like all of those boards! Weeeeeeee! But mostly I like the ultimate mini longboard because it affords me to be gentle in the waves but also gives me a slight challenge. I like paddling the long board and doing yoga on the it too! ha! When I get my new doggy I plan to teach the four legged love to ride the waves!
    Bringing in the new , keeping the old and updating the present!


  14. Chac writes:

    Aloha mai!
    dudes, ALL your boards look great!! I feel like a kid in a candy store!
    with that said, I must admit to salivating over the 6’4″ NEXGEN Pivot Fish. ho cuz! straight cheridactyl that one brah!! shhooootzz!


  15. Melinda Irving writes:

    I think where I am learning quick my choice of board would be a 8″6′ long board which with seems to catch most waves. Even if I do not win, its the board I am planning to get.


  16. Carl writes:

    The stepping stone at a 7’6′ would be a squeeze!


  17. Chris writes:

    Hey great way of doing bussiness, i grew up in Long Island NY surfing at ten years old I moved to Hawaii when i was 20 and lived on sunset beach and surfed the best waves in the world. Now living in south Florida I call it Lake Atlantic at the age of 45 i need me a mircle board lol hope i win because im broke


  18. Mandy Appleby writes:

    Seriously your boards are sick!! I love the long and turning point boards!!:) You guys seem real unique as well.


  19. Reggie Evergin writes:

    I would like a 8’6″EPS green line ultimate mini long board or a 8′ fun board if I win a surfboard I live in florida and have a couple brothers who live in SanDeigo I have visited there and really think it’s very cool and kicked back I learned to surf in Hawaii and own a 7’6″ Mc Coy swallow tail single fin retro board and I want something fun and easy to ride in the 2′ to 4′ occassional surf we have on the north shore of florida. Thanks!


  20. Jahn-Paul Mazotas writes:

    I’ve been surfing for 20 + years. I love to rip and shred a thruster. But, now I’m in the market for a funboard. I live in florida and a funboard fit my needs.


  21. Jennifer Cendana writes:

    Thanks so much for this article. Really helps out the people who don’t know much bout surfing. I am sooo naive about surfing and but I really want to ride some waves! I live in Surf City and not being able to surf to me is like living in Anaheim and not going to D-land! :P I just really want to get out of my element and into the Pacific! When I save up some money I might get the 8″ long board! Maybe the pink one :)


  22. Antonio Da Giau writes:

    I think so my next choice it will be a Pivot fish 6’2″ ; I had star with a hobbie 9’2″ then go to a fun shape 8′ ; I prefer a 23/4 thikness cause i am 180 pounds,but yes I think that will be my next choice. I like your boards!


  23. Charlyn Sabo writes:

    Ultimate 9′ EPS Green Lines look like my fav….Sounds like it would be the perfect ride. Your boards are pretty cool!


  24. jake verkerk writes:

    i like the shape of your rocker but how do they compare in strengh, down in florida we run into alot of obsticals, peirs, rock jettys, shallows and immigrnts haha jk … im riding a epoxy al merick flyer now how do your boards compare


    Luc Stokes Reply:


    You’re not supposed to run into stuff! :) Uh… if you run one of our boards into a pier… It’ll probably break. Stay away from piers!


  25. Heather writes:

    Whip it 6’6 Shortboard looks kick ass. I need a new board…was thinking a quad but I may have to consider this instead :)


  26. Angela writes:

    Like the looks of the Ultimate Longboards. Great for ‘multipurpose’ surf sessions.


  27. Don Sweat writes:

    Thanks for all the good dope on your boards. : } ~
    Seriously, you explain the finer details of boards
    in such a clear ( and entertaining ) way. I don’t
    know if I would feel all that comfortable walking
    into a surf shop as a mature ( ahem ) grom.
    If the Surf Gods decree that I win, I would like
    The Ultimate Longboard. Was it Mickey Dora
    at Malibu on a Longboard hanging ten?


  28. Melissa writes:

    I live in Maine, have always lived close to the ocean. Although a long board had been recommended to me, I had to consider my height and weight and any after summer surfing there is a rugged breeze that usually comes with it and my 5’5″ 110 pounds that long board it gonna be ripped from my hold on it before I get a few steps toward the water. That is why I believe the Mini long board would be best for my situation. Thank You :)


  29. chuck piercey writes:

    Great article. could you write an another about how the various design attributes of a board affects its surfing behavior please?

    for instance, i had a favorite board that was 6 foot 1 inch but it only worked for me because it was cut down from a longer blank and was thick as a result…normally i surf a mini long board.
    Guess i should try a custom…


    Luc Stokes Reply:

    Chuck- We can do that. And if you want a custom give us a ring.


  30. Ted writes:

    So, I have the 9′ V2 Ultimate made from NextGen epoxy and absolutely love it! Yesterday I played around with the board by taking off the 2 thruster fins and loved how it freed up my turns (these boards are extremely versitile). My question: are there covers available for the open slots where the fins were to avoid any unneeded drag? Or do people just ride without? Thanks.


    Luc Stokes Reply:

    There may be covers out there but they are not needed. I would just surf it without if I were you.


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