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Daily Driver

For intermediate to advanced surfers who are looking for a shortboard to perform well in a variety of conditions and on a variety of wave shapes. This is the board you will grab every day.
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High Performance

For those looking to step it up a notch, the high performance board is designed to be ridden in head high hollow waves or bigger. Typically not for daily use but perfect for when it's firing.
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Shortboards: Super Light + Super Strong + Superb Flex = Perfection.

Shortboards are designed with a priority on turning and maneuverability. This makes a short board really quick and snappy allowing you to perform more drastic turns and cutbacks, and yes even some aerials.

If you're new to surfing this isn't the board you should start on, the maneuverability is a trade off for stability. Give yourself a couple of years before you jump on one of these bad boys.