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For beginner to advanced surfers, our performance longboards are designed for all-around wave riding with the responsiveness you need in a variety of wave conditions.
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For when performance surfing is secondary to your soul arch, our noserider will have you walking the plank and feeling confident out front.
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Whether you're looking for a traditional fiberglass longboard for that old school style and classic responsive feel or an epoxy that is durable, lightweight, and cutting edge, we have you covered. Built specifically for the surfer who loves to work the length of the surfboard, our longboard surfboards provide you with a wide platform, high end construction, classic lines, and killer graphics.

Longboard surfing is THE easiest way to jump start your surfing career. If you're new to surfing and have been looking for the perfect surfboard, then a longboard is where you HAVE to start. Beginners will feel stable and comfortable. You'll paddle quickly and easily into waves, catch any wave in the set, and ride them all the way to the shore.

For the experienced surfers and seasoned longboarders, you will feel confident and comfortable as you make sweeping turns down the line. With our longboards you will perfect your longboarder image with nose riding sessions, and wave catching like you've never experienced before. "No wave left behind" will be your motto and "hang ten" will be your creed. And with our 30 Day Ride It Guarantee, if you're not completely thrilled, we'll buy it back!