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All of our surfboards are hand built.
Here are just a few pics to show you the proccess.

Starts with a blank
And then a planer
Shaping Bay
Sanding the concaves
Measuring nose dimensions
Gotta get it just right
Taking care of the rails
Checking the rail template
Softening it up a bit
Sanding the stringer
Stringer was sticking up above the foam
Final Sanding
Taping the board up for pin lines and graphics
This board is ready for air brushing
All taping is worked off a print out
After taping comes color
Swirl abstract on our glass Ultimate
The movement creates a unique board every time
Finished with the swirl
Then the tape is removed
Cleaning up the edges
Retaped and now airbrushed
After airbrushing comes lams and glassing
Lams will go under the glass
Resin over the lams
Get that rail logo just right
Rolling the glass out
Another logo laminate
Resin over all the glass now
After it hardens and is sanded, fin plugs are drilled
Fin boxes are then set
Sanding it out after the fin boxes are put in
Lastly a final buff

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"The surfboard worked better than I had hoped"

Luc & Holly,

Just got back from Costa Rica surf trip. Broke in the new Stokes 8'0" surfboard I got from you guys. Handles like a 6'0" instead of an 8'0". Wanted to let ya'll know "I LOVE MY NEW SURFBOARD". Hope you both are well.

Best Regards,

-Garrett King
Malibu, CA


Hey Luc and Holly,

I purchased a 5'8" fish surfboard from you yesterday. This morning the surf looked a bit mushy but I paddled out anyways for what turned out to be a very fun session. The surfboard worked better than I had hoped. Thank you so much!

-Scott Cox
Deerfield Beach, FL

"Oh my gosh, how wrong I was to think the surfboard we got from you might be a little lower quality"

But it wasn't until my husband got on it that we realized that it is truly an awesome surfboard.

It actually floated my husband better than his VERY expensive surfboard that is a foot longer and custom made! They caught waves they normally wouldn't even paddle for and rode them to shore.

Thanks again for allowing us to come to your home and helping us to pick the right surfboard.

-Christy Bartlett
San Diego, CA

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