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picture of our modern retro fish board

Modern Retro Fish

For intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a summertime fish that can still surf vertically. Retro in roots with a modern twist, our fish is for progressive surfing in varied conditions.
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picture or our goveler board


For classic summer slop, the groveler is designed to keep you shredding even when the conditions are less than desireable. Short, fat, and thick is the way we fly here.
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Don't Hate On Small Waves, Own 'Em!

Sure your thruster is great for when it's firing, but what about when it's double over ankle? You need a small wave board that's designed to rip when the surf is less then pumping.

Our formula is short, fat, and thick (I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere), and both boards are designed to excel in under head high mushy surf. Whether you like the classic lines of a retro fish or the uniqueness of a surfable hockey puck, you can't go wrong with either of these quad fin monsters.