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"He was catching waves all over here and there"

Ditas Castillo
Los Angeles, CA

ericsurfingpix003.jpg"WOW! you guys are awesome! I was lookin' to buy my boyfriend a surfboard for our 2 yr. anniversary.

Out here in LA USED fish boards go for about $460. I was just browsing online hoping to maybe find a a place that would sell it cheaper, and I just stumbled on your website

NOT ONLY did I find what I was lookin' for, but it was a NEW board at a cheaper price!

On the same day we came to pick up the board we decided to hit the beach to see how it rides. HE LOVED IT! He was catching waves all over here and there.

ALSO 2 other surfers came up to him and complimented his board. HE WAS SO STOKED! THANK YOU!"

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"I could not be happier..."

Michael Slattery
San Diego, CA

"Luc & Holly,

As an old local reaching midlife I never learned to surf as a kid. Now that I have finally taken the time to pursue the more important aspects of life I could not be happier that I am using surfboards that make it look like I have been surfing for more that a coupla years.

Growing up everyone I knew surfed. I know the entrenched surfing industry could learn heaps from guys, particularly when it comes to price. Just wanted to share a shameless video with you, plus (notice the logos of yours)."

"Because of your flexibility I was able to surf the next day with my 6 year Leland."

Frank Burrows
Flagstaff, AZ

lelosurfing.jpg"Luc and Holly,

Thank you for letting me pick up my sons new stick on my schedule. Customer Service is what it takes to be a viable company and you delivered.

Because of your flexibility I was able to surf the next day with my 6 year Leland. This was a magical moment! Brand new surfer with a brand new surfboard. As you can see, he made it look like no big deal. But the stoke is in his belly and that's all he talks about.

Thanks again,

"The board worked better than I had hoped"

Garret King
Malibu, CA

"Hey Luc and Holly,

I purchased a 5'8" fish from you yesterday. This morning the surf looked a bit mushy but I paddled out anyways for what turned out to be a very fun session.

The board worked better than I had hoped. Thank you so much!"

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"Quality and price just as good as the big guys."

Scott Cox
Deerfield Beach, FL

"Hi Luc & Holly,  Just got the 8"0". Love it. Took it for a test drive and I could not be happier. Quality and price just as good as the big guys. I'll be taking her to Costa Rica with me this month. Will forward some photos when I get back.  Best Regards,"


Scott Cox
Deerfield Beach, FL

"Luc & Holly,

Just got back from Costa Rica surf trip. Broke in the new Stokes 8'0" I got from you guys. Handles like a 6'0" instead of an 8'0". Wanted to let ya'll know "I LOVE MY NEW BOARD". Hope you both are well.

Best Regards,"

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"My son loved this surfboard."

Karla Bartholomew
Sunland, CA

"My son loved this surfboard. Truly wonderful people to deal with."

"Great deal"

John Gaines
Oceanside, CA

"Great deal, great board!"

"Great surfboard."

Edgar Davila
Aptos, CA

"Great surfboard. Friendly service and timely delivery."

"very comfortable with my new board after only about an hour"


"I started surfing here about 3 months ago after taking the two weekend course at the MBAC. I picked up a 9′ soft-top before that Was heavy but held me up fine just before me and my girlfriend took the course. I bought an 8′6″ Ultimate a couple weekends ago and have surfed once with it at blacks. This board feelt initially almost too fast for me but the class got us up on boards and that was all I needed to actually feel very comfortable with my new board after only about an hour one day a weekend.

From what I have read and looked at and priced you guys seem to be doing a fine business producing what I think will be a great board for me.

I have picked up surfing over the past few months and it looks like it will become more enjoyable.


Brent Koops
Lake Forest, CA

"You have to get one of their boards!"


"Awesome boards"

Rose Dean
Oceanside, CA

"Awesome boards, Awesome people and great help! .. I'm definitely *Stoked*!! ;)"

"It rode like a dream! I absolutely love it!"

Amber Fitzgerald
San Diego, CA

"Hey Holly,

Just wanted to say thanks again for letting me stop by your house and pick up my new board last week.

It rode like a dream! I absolutely love it!"

"Lovin’ my board!"

Ken "Stoked" Kondo
San Diego, CA

"Lovin' my board! I'll definitely spread the word around and I'll be back to buy another for sure."

"U Guys are GREAT!"

Jamie Murphy
San Clemente, CA

"U Guys are GREAT! Buy the board --> surfing the following weekend, I'm STOKED!"

"That's what I'm talking about"

John & Judy de la Cuesta
Huntington Beach, CA

"We picked up a 6'8" hybrid for Judy and she's stoked on it. Paddles well, is maneuverable and Judy will now be able to improve her re-entries and get some barrels! That's what I'm talking about."

"Degree33 surfboards are amazing"

Nathan Adams
Los Angeles, CA

"Top of the line products that are extremely affordable and ready to catch any wave that comes your way. Degree33 surfboards are amazing!"

"I didn't want to get out of the water"

Greg Haney
Arcadia, CA

"Hi Holly,

I stopped by San Onofre while on the way back up to LA and tried out the board. Very nice! I didn't want to get out of the water. I'm going to have fun with this!

Thanks again."

"The board is sweet"

Mike Hartgraves
San Diego, CA

"Luc the board is sweet. I went out this afternoon and the waves sucked, but I still caught lots of waves. Thanks bro."

"Bought my very first longboard 3 months ago. LOVE IT!!"

Jamie Tobey

"Incredibly fun, been surfing every weekend since. I even have had numerous people compliment me on my nice looking board (one guy even paddle over in the water between sets to check it out!!). I'm stoked :)"

"I would like to thank you for everything"

Nancy Quintos
Lake Elsinore, CA

"Dear Holly

I would like to thank you for everything you have done in getting the surfboard delivered to me after that misunderstanding.

I tried out the board when I came back from my trip and it was great. I told my friend about your company and your service and I believe she may be buying a couple of boards from you, one for herself, and one for her son.

Once again I deeply appreciate your consideration and plan to continue doing business with you in the near future."

"I felt very well looked after"

Richard Evans
York, ME

"Just purchased my first ever surfboard from the Stokes via the web site/phone. The board is great (8'6" mini mall with great graphics) and rides really well.

After just over a week I'm surfing some decent waves. It was great to be able to talk with the owner of a business (a rarity these days) before buying.

I felt very well looked after."

"His Long Board let him surf like a local"

Rocky Black Sr.
Pheonix, AZ


I just want to let you know how much my son (Rocky jr.)loves his board. He was surfing at day light every day that we were at the beach and now that we are back in Phoenix it is suspended from his bedroom ceiling waiting for his next trip.

Thanks for your great Service and boards. By the way his Long Board let him surf like a local he was Stoked."

"The fact that you check all the boards before shipping made me feel so good about your company"

Kristen Catrambone
Belmar, NJ

"Thanks so much for such a great surfboard!

I ordered a board for my boyfriend and he loved it! It was beautiful... Holly, you actually called and told me that the board I ordered came to you guys from the warehouse damaged and offered to get me a new one or fix it...

The fact that you check all the boards before shipping made me feel so good about your company!

Thanks again for a great board!"

"The board is fabulous"

Katie Buitenhek
San Diego, CA

"Hi Luc and Holly,

This is Katie Buitenhek, I bought that 7'6" (blue board) from you guys a while back. I came and checked it out with my friend Bekah at your apt.

I've totally been meaning to email you for the longest time. The board is fabulous! :]

Thanks again for selling me such an awesome board and take care!"

"What a blast"

Jesse Rubin
San Diego, CA


Just got back from the am surf. The board was great; what a blast. Going out with the family for a midday beach trip and will be taking the board out again.

I will probably want a bag. Will you be around Later today?"

"I love that fish I bought from you..."

Brian Cook
Avon, CO

"Hi Holly,

I just wanted to say that I love that fish I bought from you back in August. I don't even surf my short boards anymore!

I'm really interested in buying another board. I was thinking about getting a quad fish or maybe a custom fish or both.

Thanks again. Talk to you soon :)"

"GREAT board"

Jerry Merriman
La Mesa, CA

"Hey Holly,

I picked up my new board yesterday from Gina and tried it out this morning.

GREAT board, I’m very happy with it and I have had lots of positive comments from the folks who have seen it.

I just wanted to say thanks and that Degree33 is the first place I’ll look for a stick when I get ready to expand my quiver. Thanks again!

"I love my new fish"

John Hornbeak
La Jolla, CA

"I love my new fish, it rides real well and the mottled blue color is awesome. Thanks again."

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the board"

Ryan Sutton
Scottsdale, AZ

"Hey guys,

I was in CA for the last swell that came thru from that hurricane
in Baja.

My Degree33 8' board ROCKED!!!

It was really easy to paddle into the waves and had great pick up down the line.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the board. I will be ordering another one soon for the family. Thanks."

"definitely like it"

Jess Gabaldon
San Diego, CA

"Popped on the board a few times already and definitely like it.  Very light and easy to get up on waves, not to mention a beautiful color."

"You have a great product and at unbeatable prices"

Vincent Nola
Santa Monica, CA

"Luc and Holly,

It was a pleasure meeting both of you last evening. I am literally stoked on the 6' Retro Fish surfboard I purchased from you. You have a great product and at unbeatable prices.

Went out in Huntington this morning and had a great session. Caught every wave I paddled for and had total control of the board on turns.

Dropping a full foot in length was easier than expected on the epoxy fish. Thank you both!"

"You guys are AWESOME"

Rita Quach
San Diego, CA

"Hi Luc and Holly,

You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for the guide, it totally helped me (someone who knows nothing about surfboards) pick out a surfboard as a gift for my BF and he loves it.

Thanks again!"

"Wanted to let you know I love the new board"

Marc Cyr
San Diego, CA

"Hey Luc and Holly,

Wanted to let you know I love the new board. Can't wait to get another one from you when I'm ready for an addition. I am glad that your family and you have been alright with the fires. My family was evacuated, but all is well. Hope the weekend brings good things.

Thanks again, I am definitely going to go to you guys first from here on out!"

"So after riding the 6'2 Quad hybrid fish its awesome"

Blake Conlin
Norco, CA

"So after riding the 6'2 Quad hybrid fish its awesome! Little hard to paddle into waves but once up it flys! It has very good turn and flots great."

"Fun board, glad I picked this one"

Michael Wong
Long Beach, CA


Finally got to surf some decent waves with the new board I got from you, fun to surf. Harder to catch waves than my 7'0", that's to be expected. But it is faster and turns well.

I need to surf waves with a little juice in them because it is hard to catch mushy waves. Fun board, glad I picked this one.


"The 9'6" board I picked up surfs great"

Jim Daniell
Palmdale, CA


The 9'6" epoxy board I picked up just before Christmas surfs great! I took it out at Trails on my birthday (12/28) & had a ball. The decreased weight made the added 6" un-noticeable.

Thanks again,"

"The world needs less greedy people like you and your wife"

Andy Cruz
San Jose, CA

"Hey Luc,

I'm Andy. The guy who bought the 6'2 quad fin surfboard off you. It was around last Christmas of 2007. Its a great board. I love it.

You saved me and my mom a big amount of money Luc. The world needs less greedy people like you and your wife.


"It's amazing"

Nikolas Harth

"Hi guys,

I got the 6' hybrid fish surfboard early this week, and I have been surfing every day on it. It's amazing! The speed you get is incredible even on waist high mush. Also its very responsive. A great board.

Thank you so much,"

"I would recommend you to everyone"

Anselmo Prieto
Miami, FL

"Hi Luc and Holly,

Thanks for the 6'10' hybrid fish surfboard. It was exactly what you described. It was great to do business with you, I would recommend you to everyone."